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PQ Grit Kit + Mo•Bits are Now Available

PQ Grit Kit

PQ Grit Kit is loaded with 115 real, animated, royalty-free high resolution textures, designed for blending

Use Grit Kit’s animated textures as interesting luma mattes for type, shape layers or graphics, add real noise or grunge to footage or get crazy with displacement or bump maps in Cinema 4D. PQ Grit Kit is a fastidiously curated library of super useable everyday moving textures like paper or card, ink or paint, concrete, woods, scribbles or sand from different parts of California, and so much more.

Grit Kit works with After Effects & Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Cinema 4D, and Nuke & NukeX.

Learn More | Purchase PQ Grit Kit at Toolfarm


pq mobitsPQ Mo•Bits

PQ Mo•Bits is a big fat library of obvious everyday icons that a motion designer needs to keep handy.

They’re all pre-animated and customizable. Just search or browse the dockable inside After Effects and pop them into your project, use the controllers to tweak lots of parameters and BOOM: Massive time save.

Mo•Bits works with Adobe After Effects CS6 – CC 2017.

Learn More | Purchase PQ Mo•Bits at Toolfarm


After Effects CINEMA 4D FCP X Photoshop Plug-ins Premiere Pro Tutorial

Toolfarm Tutorials Extravaganza #tutorial @toolfarm @adobeae

Tutorial Tuesday Extravaganza at Toolfarm

Toolfarm is posting one tutorial an hour for 24 hours today! They are about 1/3 of the way through and have tutorials for Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, MAXON CINEMA 4D, Avid, The Foundry Nuke, Trapcode Form, NewBlueFX, Video Copilot and more. They just keep coming!

Check ’em out here with the running list of what has been posted, all in one place.



Creating Lightning: How RISE Visual Effects Brought Flash to Zeus’ Bolt

Studio Daily is providing a complimentary webinar on Thursday, August 5 from 12pm to 1pm ET. VFX supervisor Florian Gellinger will deconstruct a scene from Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Tools used are Nuke and Sapphire plugins. Nevermind a lot of AE folk don’t use Nuke, this is an opportunity to see technique which could easily be reproduced using After Effects. And if you use Sapphire plugins all the better.

Some of the tasks to be examined involve an actor interacting with a lightning bolt and include:

  • show Zeus catching the CG lightning bolt
  • integrate the bolt in his hand
  • add chromatic aberration
  • add a plasma core
  • make its edges wobble
  • add a lightning “back bone”
  • add a huge variety of smaller and bigger, high-energy arcs on its surface
  • add heat distortion
  • add photographic glow and light interaction on Zeus

Register for free here.

John Stanowski