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The HyperZoom™ Technique Takes Flight with Mocha Pro & After Effects

Geoff Tompkinson has created HyperZoom™, a technique that combines real-time, time-lapse, and hyperlapse into one seamless, continuous shot. Find out how he uses Mocha Pro and AE to help create these amazing virtual timelapse flights.

Watch Hyperzoom in action with Upper Austria “An Incredible Journey,” that Tompkinson made for the Austrian Board of Tourism.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The addition of the Mocha Pro plug-in running inside Adobe brought a new workflow to Tompkinson. “I use Mocha to track and rotoscope things I need to mask,” comments Tompkinson. “Then I generate AE masks from the Mocha data so I can work with them in AE as usual. The ability to rapidly distort and accurately edit the mask on each new frame using Mocha made this laborious task more fun and much quicker than trying to do it with the standard AE masking toolset.”

Read the full article here.

Mocha Pro

Built upon a renowned Planar Tracking image engine, mocha follows “pixel patterns” through the most difficult conditions including objects that go off-screen, objects that are partially obscured, even out of focus footage.This technology drives our products and is licensed to technology partners.

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After Effects Tutorial

Tutorial: Make a large crowd in your videos – AE Basix

In this tutorial from AEtuts+, James Whiffin explains 5 different basic ways to create a large crowd in your videos. Yes this is a 5 in1 tutorial!

The methods that explain James there are:

  • Simple Masking: It’s a tedious technique but is good for short clips.
  • Rotoscoping: With CS5 It’s a nice technique, but you will need a good Hardware for medium-large clips
  • Difference Matting: Good technique but you can find a good place to shot and control the Matte effects
  • Chroma Keying: I love this technique, although you will be more accurate than others is really amazing. Light is the Key, you get it? 😀
  • Camera Technique: This is really powerfull with a good use of the Tracker and Stabilize Motion.

Enjoy duplicating friends and If you have free time you’ll can make a video like this.

You can see the preview below; also you can find the tutorial 5 in 1 here.

Preview of the final result

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After Effects Plug-ins

Keying out bad footage

How to key bad footage

Click here to watch the tutorial.

Hey! Just wanted to say hallo. My name is Jerzy Drozda Jr, but you may also know me as Maltaannon. From this day forward I’ll be also posting at AEFreemart. Today I want to present you this brand new tutorial on a subject as old as digital post-production itself. You will learn how to work with poor quality footage to pull out a decent chroma key.

Please note that this tutorial uses Key Correct Pro – a set of plugins from Red Giant Software designed to help you with your everyday chroma keying.

I’d also like to point out that our host – Michele Yamazaki – is currently working on a book that focuses on keying in detail. Make sure to have an eye out for “GreenScreen Made Easy: Keying and Compositing Techniques for Indie Filmmakers”

I hope you will enjoy the tutorial.


Water Color Mask

Water Color Mask

This is a 1280×720 mask done with water color brushes. It’s handy to keep these things around for texture, video mattes, etc. I created this for a “lounge” that has a name that suggests vibrant color (can you tell I have an NDA on this job?) and had some vibrant ink colors spill on to the screen. I used Andrew Kramer’s awesome Riot Gear to create an ink bleed transition for it.

Download the Water Color Mask PSD