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fayteq Updates fayIN Tracking Plug-in for AE

Simple screen replacements and retouching operations. Camera tracking and digital content integration combined. Easy-to-use workflow inside After Effects!

fayIN reduces your production costs through high-quality tracking results and a new and fast tracking and content-integration workflow.

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More In-Depth details on this update can be found at the Toolfarm Blog

New in fayteq fayIN Version 2.3:

  • Besides smaller adjustments like new buttons, progress bars and bug fixes, there are the new features:
  • You can now decide between two user modes, an enhanced “Beginner Mode” that leads you through every work step and an “Expert Mode” that simply leaves you alone.
  • Text layer sub-compositions can now be easily created through the context menu(s).
  • fayteq has optimized the compatibility with Adobe Premiere allowing to create After Effects compositions for portions of Premier footage.
  • There’s an enhanced support for timing properties of layers now supporting user-defined in- and out-points, layer offsets and individual composition start frames.
  • Now the insert effect is highlighted after a new tracker has been started.


fayteq fayin after effects integration

Full Integration in Adobe After Effects

fayIN is deeply integrated in the Adobe After Effects software environment. That means that you can use fayIN all in the software that you are already familiar with.

The resulting benefits:

  • no switching between different software environments
  • no import or export of data or video material necessary
  • use all features of Adobe After Effects and fayIN in one software environment
  • work in Adobe After Effects while tracking with fayIN
  • apply any Adobe After Effects effects on the elements you inserted with fayIN

fayteq fayin tracking report

Tracking Report

fayIN comes with an awesome little helper: the tracking report (A). The tracking report gives you information on the tracking results in respect of:

  • depth
  • orientation of x-axis and y-axis
  • orientation of z-axis

The report tells you whether these aspects are:

  • “o.k.” (everything went well)
  • “not relevant” (no need to care about this topic)
  • “please check” (advice to check the respective aspect, e. g. orientation of z-axis)

Open the report window to find more detailed information and hints to help you with optimizing your track (B). The report includes some information on the analysis of field of view, motion and distortion, too. This enables you to get the best out of your video material.

More In-Depth details on this update can be found at the Toolfarm Blog

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New: RE:Vision Effects DE:Flicker – Fix Problematic High Frame Rate and Timelapse Footage

RE:Vision Effects, acclaimed effects plug-in industry leader and makers of Academy Award winning software, announces DE:Flicker for Adobe After Effects.

DE:Flicker is designed to smooth out those annoying flicker and artifacts when shooting high frame rate or timelapse video. DE:Flicker is unique because it not only fixes flicker from artificial light sources but also fixes flicker on multiple objects, even when those objects flicker at different rates. DE:Flicker also minimizes problems when shooting directly at light sources, causing them to “breathe” and change size when shot at higher frame rates.

DE:Flicker will also help transform your timelapse photography so that viewers watch the footage you intended them to watch and not the annoying pops that often accompany timelapse photography. DE:Flicker handles the common problems of color shifts, exposure and other camera setting and lighting inconsistencies that may occur from frame to frame. DE:Flicker also tames the problems of clouds casting shadows at different places between frames, and performs well when objects appear or disappear from frame to frame.

Whether you are shooting in an arena, a stadium, a park at night, a nightclub or in a home, man-made light sources can cause havoc, especially now that cameras and smart phones are being made with the ability to shoot at higher and higher frame rates. And of course this functionality is rapidly becoming the favorite of sports enthusiasts everywhere. Dealing with strobing and light source flicker has been very time consuming until now. Without DE:Flicker, fixing the problems usually involves creating mattes followed by hand-adjusting the elements. Fixing a short scene using frame-by-frame color correction and zone corrections could take hours, when it is even possible. RE:Vision Effects DE:Flicker handles these problems automatically while retaining image detail.

DE:Flicker is a set of three plug-ins: one specially designed for problems within high frame rate footage; one specially designed for timelapse photography; and a third one that analyzes and then stabilizes the color and luminance levels of your footage and can be used before more specific processing with one of the other two plug-ins. As with all RE:Vision Effects plug-ins, DE:Flicker automatically works right out of the gate, but also provides intuitive controls to further refine the results.


DE:Flicker for Adobe After Effects is normally $249.95.
Special introductory price $199.95 through January 31, 2014.

DE:Flicker works on any system running After Effects CS5, CS5.5 CS6 and CC, including versions activated by Adobe Cloud.

Download a Free Trial

So whether you are using a specialized high-speed camera, a DSLR, a compact action cam or even a phone: DE:Flicker to the rescue! See DE:Flicker in action!

About RE:Vision Effects

RE:Vision Effects is software development company focused on providing innovative software to create, modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality. Their products have a broad range of applications and are currently used in every phase of television, motion picture, internet and visual effects industries. The company supplies its cutting edge software through partnerships and direct sales for a large segment of customers ranging from at-home editors, wedding and other live event videographers, industrial video providers to those creating high-end effects for commercials, broadcast TV and big-budget films. The founders received a 2006 Academy Award for Technical Achievement for the design and development of this affordable, user-friendly RE:Vision family of software products.

RE:Vision Effects plug-ins are available for Adobe After Effects, Eyeon Fusion, Apple Final Cut Pro, The Foundry’s Nuke, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Avid editing systems, Autodesk Systems (Sparks), Autodesk SoftImage, Quantel genQ and others.

After Effects CINEMA 4D FCP X Plug-ins Premiere Pro

The Results are In! The 2013 Toolfarm Top Ten Plug-in Awards

toolfarm top ten survey plugin awards

Top products of 2013 as voted by our After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and CINEMA 4D Users.

There were some very close numbers this year! Here are the final results. Note – We broke suites up this year into individual products for better accuracy.

Top Ten Rankings of 2013

Adobe After Effects

  • 1. Trapcode Particular

    Amazing 3D particles with full camera and light support – It’s realistic shading allows spotlights to illuminate particles and logos as they move through 3D space. Give particles depth with Trapcode Particular’s full 3D rotation and use it’s expanded physics controls to generate more support for air resistance and turbulence.


Adobe Premiere Pro

  • 1. Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks

    Beautiful color finishing and camera-inspired tools – Whether you’re warming up a scene or building a palette from scratch, Magic Bullet Looks 2 brings professional color finishing to projects of any budget. It starts out very simple, with 100’s of beautifully designed treatments that range from practical lighting to popular Hollywood cinema.


Apple Final Cut Pro

  • 1. Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks

    Beautiful color finishing and camera-inspired tools – Whether you’re warming up a scene or building a palette from scratch, Magic Bullet Looks 2 brings professional color finishing to projects of any budget. It starts out very simple, with 100’s of beautifully designed treatments that range from practical lighting to popular Hollywood cinema.



  • 1. Greyscalegorilla Light Kit Pro

    Real Studio Lights for Cinema 4D – HDRI Light Kit Pro turns Cinema 4D into a professional lighting studio. A collection of lights, studios and objects that lets you quickly light your scene with realistic soft boxes, spotlights, ring lights and more.


If you took part in the survey and were one of the random numbers drawn, we’ll be contacting you shortly to notify you of your prize. Keep an eye on your inbox!

  • 1- Grand Prize GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Camera
  • 2- $100 Toolfarm Store Coupons
  • 3- choice of either book “Plug-in to After Effects: Third Party Plug-in Mastery” or “Greenscreen Made Easy” by Michele Yamazaki

Thank you for taking part in our survey!


Top Ten Rankings from 2012

Adobe After Effects Plug-ins:


Final Cut Pro Plug-ins:




After Effects FCP X Plug-ins Premiere Pro

Update – Digital Film Tools Composite Suite Pro v1.5 Adds GPU Support

Composite Suite Pro features a well-rounded collection of visual effects plug-ins that were previously only available in-house at a Hollywood feature film effects facility.

Digital Film Tools – “Following our master plan to GPU accelerate all of our software, Composite Suite Pro v1.5 is now ready for use in production. We have implemented OpenCL as our method of acceleration and most modern graphics cards can take advantage of this technology. In most cases, you should see dramatic speed increases while rendering.”

Composite Suite Pro Feature Highlights:

Compositing tricks and techniques

Effectively composite fire, explosions and smoke

Sophisticated color correction tools such as Color Correct, F-Stop, Printer Points, Telecine and Temperature

Edge tools to color correct or blur the composite's edge

Natural lighting effects and glows

Proprietary matte generation

Matte manipulation using shrink, grow, blur and wrap functions

DVE to transform your images

Film and HDTV Mask Overlays

32 bit processing

GPU Acceleration

One Composite Suite Pro license will allow it to run in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro (including FCPX), Apple Motion 5 and Avid Editing Systems if installed on the same machine.

Digital Film Tools Composite Suite Pro

Available for $395 / $375.25 TF

Upgrades from previous versions are available for $100 USD