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The Iris – VFX/Mograph Experiment

“Maximize basic geometry from Cinema 4D with plug-ins from After Effects.” – Johnathan Paul

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Free Adobe Creative Cloud Wallpaper

If you can’t get enough of the Creative Cloud, how about some Free Adobe Creative Cloud Wallpaper!

Adobe has a couple of different sizes available on their blog to decorate your desktop. Sadly, I always have nine programs open so I never see my desktop image.

Download Free Adobe Creative Cloud Wallpaper

After Effects

Who wants better quality RAM previews?

Who doesn’t want better quality RAM previews?

VinhSon Nguyen of has some advice to help with banding and weird colors you might experience with some file types in AE.

To fix this weird color issues during RAM Previews, click the thunderbolt icon below the composition window, click on “Fast Previews Preferences”. Under Video Quality>Color Management Quality, choose “More Accurate” to get better RAM Preview results.

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After Effects Plug-ins

Coming Soon: Trapcode Tao #TrapcodeTao

Peder Norrby, aka The Brain of Trapcode, has been posting some Trapcode Tao teasers on Twitter for a couple of months now. Tao creates these lovely path animations in After Effects. If you haven’t seen it, check out these beautiful samples.

“I’ve been longing for this ever since I made 3D Stroke. After developing Mir, I finally have everything in place. 道 means “path” in Chinese and Japanese. It has to do with paths. The animated GIF above shows a ribbon along a path, with the profile being rotated over the length of the path and also rotating over time, combined with seamless looping fractal displacement.” – Peder Norrby


TAO klurt

TAO attack

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