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  • Toolfarm Black Friday | Cyber Monday: Plug-ins, Workflow & Scripts Discounts
    Black Friday deals are live! This year we are consolidating our sale posts to make it easier for you to find deals on your favorite products. This post is dedicated to all our plug-ins, workflow, and scripts discounts. Black Friday Plug-ins, Workflow & Scripts Discounts This is in alphabetical order. I’ll give a sample from […]
  • KillText, Free AE Script
    Björn Ahlstedt has a free script for After Effects, called KillText, to quickly turn Text Layers off. This would be useful if you need text-free backgrounds, of course. It works on both Mac and Windows. Get KillText here Other Scripts on AEFreemart 3 Free Scripts for After Effects ExtendScript: After Effects Scripting mamoworldJSON, Free After […]
  • VOTE NOW in The 2020 Toolfarm Plugin Awards #TFPluginAwards
    It’s time for the 2020 Toolfarm Plugin Awards! Give your favorite tools and developers some love and enter to win some prizes! Voting ends December 31, 2020, at 11:59 pm PST. Winners will be announced in early January 2021. See the 2019 Winners Bonus! Enter to win some prizes! We will randomly draw names for […]
  • New 3D Layer Workflow coming in After Effects
    This video explains a new 3D layers workflow in upcoming versions of After Effects. Orbit, Pan, and Dolly are now right in the toolbar. There’s also a new option to “Create Camera from 3D View”. This beta came with the AE 17.1.4 (September 2020) release. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you can work […]
  • Infinte Zoom : Examples, Tutorials, and Plug-ins
    An infinite zoom is an effect that creates a seemingly endless camera zoom. For example, the camera can pan into a section of photos or art, someone’s eye, a water droplet, or whatever else, and it just keeps going! Examples THX Deep Note Trailer in 4K Last year Andrew Kramer directed the THX Deep Note […]
  • Roto Brush 2: The Powerful new tool in the After Effects beta
    Learn about the powerful and improved Roto Brush 2 which is currently in the current After Effects beta.
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