What is a News Feed?

A news feed, also known as an RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication) or news aggregator, is a means of distributing and gathering information from across the web. You can view headlines from blogs, newspapers and magazines, and the feed allow you to scan the headlines at super speeds.

See this icon ? This is one of the many symbols for a news feed. Another common icon is

You can use an application to view the news feed headlines, or some browsers have them built in, such as Firefox, Safari and Opera. Some email programs also have them built in. If you need an application, check Add to Any’s List of Feed Readers.

I love the RSS Feeds for MP3 blogs and sites like Wired. I can subscribe see all of the latest posts quickly. It really saves time and, that, of course, is the goal of my life. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Toolfarm feed!