Update: Red Giant Color Suite 11.0.3 Maintenance Release

Red Giant Color Suite

Red Giant Color Suite 11.0.3 and Red Giant Magic Bullet QuickLooks 1.4.4. are now available.

Here are the details of the fixes included in this update. 

Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks 2.1.2 and Red Giant Colorista II 1.0.9 fixes a problem which caused the software to pull black frames in Adobe Premiere Pro 7.1. Adobe made a change in the Premiere Pro 7.1 update that affected how the PPRO pulls frame data into the Looksbuilder and the Secondary Keyer in Colorista II. 

Red Giant Mojo 1.2.4, Red Giant Cosmo 1.0.2, Red Giant Denoiser II 1.4.2 had an issue with how serial numbers are handled on Mac OSX Mavericks for some users. This has been fixed

LUT Buddy 1.0.2 update takes care of a Version Mismatch error. This is a free plug-in.

Magic Bullet Quicklooks 1.4.4 – Premiere Pro and AE will no longer crash when QuickLooks is installed on Mac OS X 10.9.

[via Toolfarm.com]