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Tutorials: Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator Flare Controls + Freebie

Zaxwerks has put out a series of 4 videos on the Flare Controls in Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator 7. All 4 parts, plus a freebie Flares pack are below!

Flare Controls Part 1

Zax Dow of Zaxwerks explains how to apply flares and customize flare controls in 3D ProAnimator 7.

Flare Controls Part 2

Zax shows users how to set up multiple flares. He explains the tinting controls and the Flare Editor, to modify individual the light fixtures, allowing each flare can have an individual look.

Flare Controls Part 3

Zax goes in depth into the Flare Editor, explaining how to customize each flare and also showing some cool things you can do with glow elements.

Flare Controls Part 4

Zax continues his walk through of the Flare Editor, focusing on customizing Spike Elements.

Learn more about Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator

If you missed it, Zax had a Holiday Freebie Flares Pack that you can still download.

Download this cool freebie from Zaxwerks
Requires v7.0.1 of ProAnimator or 3D Invigorator.

Here’s a video about how to use the freebie.