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Tutorials: A Few Recent Expression Tutorials from Mathias Möhl

Mathias Möhl of mamoworld knows how to write an expression! He explains things in a very simple to follow manner, so if you think that writing an expression is complicated or over your head, think again. Anyone can write a bit of code!

Here are a couple of tutorials from Mathias about After Effects Expressions to speed up your workflow.

First Steps with After Effects Expressions

Learn how they work and the basics of setting them up.

The Wiggle Expression and some Explosions (Expressions Tutorial 2)

This is the first expression that I ever learned!

Expressions as a Pocket Calculator (Expressions Tutorial 3)

Now Pocket Calculator from Kraftwerk is in my head. Thank Mathias!

Expressions Part 4: Rotating Wheels Rig

Here is part 4 of Mathias’ series on Expressions. This is super helpful if you’re creating anything with wheels, like a car, wagon, etc.

After Effects Expressions Nerd Tip 1: Building your own Expressions Library (1 minute tutorial)

I am so going to do this!

After Effects Expressions Nerd Tip 2: toComp and fromComp

This is a simple concept and super useful for workflow. I used this tutorial recently when making lower thirds with backgrounds that fit the layers.

Other Expressions Tutorials at AE Freemart

mamoworld iExpressions for After Effects Expression
mamoworld iExpressions

iExpressions allow you to use After Effects expressions without writing or reading a single line of code. Developed by mamoworld.

iExpressions V2 comes with a new user interface that fits nicely with the new design of After Effects CC and automatically adjusts to your brightness settings. The new release also contains various new expressions such that the library now includes more than 125 expressions in total.

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