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Tutorial: Make a large crowd in your videos – AE Basix

In this tutorial from AEtuts+, James Whiffin explains 5 different basic ways to create a large crowd in your videos. Yes this is a 5 in1 tutorial!

The methods that explain James there are:

  • Simple Masking: It’s a tedious technique but is good for short clips.
  • Rotoscoping: With CS5 It’s a nice technique, but you will need a good Hardware for medium-large clips
  • Difference Matting: Good technique but you can find a good place to shot and control the Matte effects
  • Chroma Keying: I love this technique, although you will be more accurate than others is really amazing. Light is the Key, you get it? 😀
  • Camera Technique: This is really powerfull with a good use of the Tracker and Stabilize Motion.

Enjoy duplicating friends and If you have free time you’ll can make a video like this.

You can see the preview below; also you can find the tutorial 5 in 1 here.

Preview of the final result

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