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Tutorial: Create a Mograph Style Effect in After Effects featuring Expressions

Joey from School of Motion walks you through how to make a spinning mograph animation. It’s reminiscent of something that could be made in Cinema 4D. This tutorial utilizes a lot of expressions so get ready to learn! If you’re a student, register for an account at School of Motion and download the project files.

Burning Question: How Can I Learn Expressions in After Effects?

How can I learn Expressions in After Effects?

I put together an article last fall on Expressions if you want to dive a little deeper.  You’ll learn what is an expression, learn about:

  1. layer control
  2. wiggle
  3. loop
  4. if/else

There are several tutorials from sources like Video Copilot,, and several other pros.

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More Tutorials on After Effects Expressions at AE Freemart

After Effects Expressions for Adobe Premiere Pro Editors with Angie Taylor – “Expressions are an advanced feature of After Effects that many editors shy away from. The perception is that you need to be good at scripting to be able to use expressions. But basic expressions are easy to apply using simple point-and-click methods. They’re incredibly useful for adding randomness to animation and effects, linking properties to synchronize animation, or even making effects react to music.”

Top 5 After Effects Expressions – If you’re new to AE and afraid of expressions, this is a lovely introduction. Sean Frangella has put up a cool new tutorial explaining what his favorite five Expressions. He gives some tips on how to use expressions for better animation. He also shows ways of simplifying your workflow, including wiggle, time, and more. Good stuff.

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Tutorial: Turn a Mountain into a Volcano – Caleb Ward shows you how to turn an innocuous mountain into a magma oozing volcano!

Tutorial: Create Stylish Opener in After Effects – Nikhil Pawar from Dope Motions shows you how to make a super useful opener motion graphic sequence in After Effects. This is the type of effect you could use over and over if you swap out the imagery.