The Final Countdown

This countdown uses one text layer with an expression driving the countdown
Why make a script based countdown? Because you can! Actually, with the type in one layer, you can easily change your typeface and position the one layer wherever you want.

Also, the script ensures the accuracy of the countdown, if that matters to you.

Here’s the expression.. ready? It’s really complicated!!

Math.ceil(10 – time)

Yeah, that’s it. As time goes from 0 to 10, we are using 10 – time to flip that count upside-down. “Math.ceil” then rounds the value to the integer closest to but not less than our countdown. You’d find that using Math.round or Math.floor would force the integer to change at the wrong point in time. Trust me.

There’s also an audio blip marking each second. There’s some circles in there using 3D Stroke, too.