Take After Effects Training with Harry Frank!

This was in my inbox today from a Michigan based film and video list that I subscribe to. Harry, is of course, the other half of the AE Freemart. Come to a 3-day INTENSIVE workshop, February 19-21 (9a-5p).

You asked for it — you got it! After Effects is the industry standard for motion graphics and visual effects.

  • Certified Instructors
  • Small Class Size
  • Individual Mac G5
  • Certificate Upon Completion

Media Power’s 3-day course will guide you through the basic and
intermediate operations of After Effects Pro — live and in person for
three tightly-packed all-day sessions.

Each participant works at their own Mac G5 with a maximum class size of nine. This is what you’ve been waiting for — get to know After Effects and learn to produce extraordinary effects with a minimum of time and effort. Scroll down for details!

Your instructor: Harry J. Frank (That’s the guy who’s photo is on the right side of this page, by the way).

Harry is an Adobe Certified Expert in After Effects, and also works as a freelance designer. His work can be seen every day on NBC, Fox Sports, Spike, ESPN and also in the corporate video industry for clients such as General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler and Delphi. Harry is the author of many tutorials and presets, and is currently working on a training series on Expression Scripting in After Effects. Look for some great tips, tutorials and design samples at his website, www.graymachine.com.

After Effects Interface in Depth

Creating a Project

Using the Project Window
• Importing Elements – Methods
• Organizing Footage
• Properties of Media

• Adding layers
• Multiple Compositions
• Resolution
• Navigating and zooming

Using Layers
• Trimming
• Sliding
• Markers
• Layer Preview – double clicking, the most common “mistake”

Layer Properties
• Position, Scale, Opacity, etc
• Quick Keys

Layer Columns
• Hide/Show

Using Switches
• Shy
• Continuously Rasterize
• Quality
• Effect
• Frame Blending
• Motion Blur
• Adjustment Layer
• 3D

Using Keyframes
• Position: Spatial and temporal location
• Keyframe navigation

Graph Editor

Advanced Layer Concepts
• Using Masks
• Track Mattes
• Adjustment Layers

AE Type Tool

3D Space
• Z Space
• Rotation and Orientation
• Perspective and Orthogonal Views
• Custom View
• Creating and Using a Camera
• Camera Tools
• Using Cameras
• Using Lights
• Auto-Orientation
• Point of Interest
• Rendering 3D



Effects: The 7 Effects you will use most often

Time Remapping Video


Color Correction

Creating a Background: Grid, Fractal Noise, etc

Add and animate grungey text

Design elements: script type, stroke

All this in a hands-on setting with exercises at your own G5 station. Maximum class size is NINE.

Don’t Miss Out! After Effects February 19-21 (9a-5p)

Contact Randy Z at 248-351-0101 to register.
(Special discounts for Roscor clients, former Media Power clients, Specs Howard and College program graduates)

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