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Toolfarm Introduces RenderGarden Plug-in for Dramatically Faster Rendering in Adobe After Effects

Essential plug-in for Adobe After Effects CC accelerates render speed by as much as 3X

San Francisco, CA – November 28, 2017 – Toolfarm, a leading global distributor and reseller of video, VFX, 3D, and motion graphics software applications and plug-ins, announced today the release and immediate availability of the new RenderGarden plug-in for Adobe® After Effects® CC (Mac and Windows), developed by Mekajiki. Accelerating render speeds by as much as 3X, RenderGarden leverages existing system hardware processing power to improve the speed of motion graphics and visual effects workflows.

WATCH NOW: RenderGarden for After Effects

RenderGarden can increase render speeds by up to 300% on a single computer by taking advantage of multi-processing in After Effects. In addition to single system optimization, RenderGarden features unlimited render nodes for leveraging the processing power of multiple systems across a single network. This is ideal to render large QuickTime movies, AVI movies, and image sequences at warp speed. RenderGarden works in the background, allowing After Effects users to continue working without interruptions. RenderGarden also provides automated post-render transcoding to MP4 and QuickTime movies.

“RenderGarden was born from a recent multi-user After Effects project at Swordfish, our sister company that does design and production. The team was working off-site in 6K and did not have access to our internal render farm. With the large file sizes, we quickly hit a bottleneck,” said Matt Silverman, CEO at Mekajiki. “Setting up a render farm was not quick or in the budget. Our team repurposed some custom code we wrote for our render set up. The result was a simplified distributed rendering tool for After Effects. After putting it through the paces, we have fine-tuned RenderGarden into a formidable workhorse and we’re excited to share it with the rest of the After Effects community via Toolfarm!”

“We are thrilled to announce the launch and distribution of RenderGarden,” said Jason Sharp, president, Toolfarm, Inc. “At Toolfarm, we’re always looking for tools that help increase the productivity of motion graphics artists. RenderGarden will become an essential tool for After Effects artists on every project.”

RenderGarden is available immediately from Toolfarm at an MSRP of $99 USD. To purchase, or for more information, please visit

About Toolfarm

Founded in 1999, San Francisco based Toolfarm is the world’s largest reseller of motion graphics, visual effects and 3D plug-ins for the global creative community. Recognized for reliable distribution, high-quality customer service, community and training, Toolfarm is THE place for creative professionals to learn about and shop for all video related plug-ins.

About Mekajiki

Our team of filmmakers, designers, animators, and technologists live to design memorable pictures in motion. While working on commercial productions at our sister company Swordfish, we found missing pieces in our pipeline and have been creating a suite of in-house tools to solve these problems. Now we’re bringing these tools to market through Mekajiki.

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Alicia VanHeulen
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After Effects Premiere Pro

Want Premiere Pro and After Effects to run FASTER? Here are some tips.

Do you have the need… the need for speed? SloMoeshon has some tips on getting your computer and your programs, After Effects and Premiere Pro, to run faster.

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Premiere Pro

Digital Anarchy Transcriptive is Now Available

What is Transcriptive?

Transcriptive 1.0 is the new way of automatically transcribing your video within Premiere Pro! It’s a Premiere panel that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to turn all the speech in your video into text. You can use this for transcriptions, captions, subtitles and for searching your video. It’s never been easier to find where something was spoken in your hours of footage.

Transcribe your video work with the Transcriptive plug-in; the AI and machine learning powered transcription software with a 95% accuracy rate! With precise results and two different Speech Services at your disposal you can get the fastest transcription for your project at the lowest cost.


  • digital anarchy transcriptive ui panelAccurate – Cuts out the time of transcript edits by giving you up to 95% accuracy on your project’s audio. You can use either of two AI Speech Services, Watson or Speechmatics. Speechmatics is more accurate, up to 95%, but Watson gives you 16 hours of transcription free per month. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.
  • Premiere Pro Integration- As a Premiere Pro panel there’s no need to switch between applications. Be able to monitor your timeline and video while you transcribe. Click on a word in Transcriptive and jump to where it’s spoken on the timeline.
  • Search – Easily search for words or phrases. All the speech in your video is turned into text, allowing you to find anything that was spoken.
  • Built-In Text Editor – Making quick changes to your transcript is simple with our editor and it’s built in keyboard short cuts. While Transcriptive does a great job of identifying spoken word and proper grammar, any changes that need to be made can be made at the stroke of a key.
  • Versatility – Allows you to export captions out to .SRT, .VLT, .STL and text file documents for easy social media and SEO management uploading. Also includes options to export script as Clip and Sequence Markers directly in Premiere so you can make your script easily searchable!

Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 and higher.

Special Introductory Price $249 (Reg: $299)

Learn More | Purchase Transcriptive at

Intro pricing food through September 30, 2017

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The HyperZoom™ Technique Takes Flight with Mocha Pro & After Effects

Geoff Tompkinson has created HyperZoom™, a technique that combines real-time, time-lapse, and hyperlapse into one seamless, continuous shot. Find out how he uses Mocha Pro and AE to help create these amazing virtual timelapse flights.

Watch Hyperzoom in action with Upper Austria “An Incredible Journey,” that Tompkinson made for the Austrian Board of Tourism.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The addition of the Mocha Pro plug-in running inside Adobe brought a new workflow to Tompkinson. “I use Mocha to track and rotoscope things I need to mask,” comments Tompkinson. “Then I generate AE masks from the Mocha data so I can work with them in AE as usual. The ability to rapidly distort and accurately edit the mask on each new frame using Mocha made this laborious task more fun and much quicker than trying to do it with the standard AE masking toolset.”

Read the full article here.

Mocha Pro

Built upon a renowned Planar Tracking image engine, mocha follows “pixel patterns” through the most difficult conditions including objects that go off-screen, objects that are partially obscured, even out of focus footage.This technology drives our products and is licensed to technology partners.

 Learn More about Mocha Pro at