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Premiere Pro: Frame Holds and Clip Speed

Frame holds and changing the speed of a clip are 2 of the “effects” I use most in Premiere Pro. Check out this video tutorial from Layers magazine: Premiere Pro: Frame Holds and Clip Speed.

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Tutorial: Creating a Force Field Effect in Adobe After Effects

Aharon Rabinowit's tutorial to create a force field in After Effects
Aharon Rabinowitz has a fun new tutorial on his site All Bets are Off Productions called Creating a Force Field Effect in Adobe After Effects.

It’s a 40 minute long video tutorial so Aharon warns that you should go to a quiet place with headphones to watch. He uses no 3rd party plug-ins and it still looks amazing (fancy that!)

In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create a awesome force field effect in Adobe After Effects – with no 3rd-party plug-ins. He’ll also cover some basic color correction techniques.

Warning: This tutorial is almost 40 minutes long. Go get some snack and hit the head before you sit down to this one. You may also want to tell your spouse your going out to buy groceries and then sneak back in through a window so you can have some quiet time. Hint: Use headphones & close the door.

He adds "Oh, and apologies in advance to Andrew Kramer and J. J. Abrams…" Aharon is much too modest!

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Red Giant Software: Episode 18: Compositing Tips from ‘Greenscreen Made Easy’ Episode 18: Compositing Tips from ‘Greenscreen Made Easy’

In this Episode, the Toolfarm’s Michele Yamazaki shares a ton of great compositing tips from her new book, Greenscreen Made Easy.

Watch the Tutorial

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Tutorial: Getting Started with FreeForm AE

Try the new plug-in from Digieffects, FreeForm AE. It’s an After Effects plug-in that allows you to distort layers in 3D space.

The tutorial shows you how to make a sail look like it’s being inflated by the wind. Alicia VanHuelen of Toolfarm creates a very cool Viking ship in AE and manipulates the sail and water with FreeForm AE. Digieffects FreeForm AE is still on sale for $100 off through Thrusday (NAB Special extended).

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