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Plug-In Post Q+A: Tradcode’s Peder Norrby


Michele Yamazaki, Peder Norrby and Ko Maruyama (and Jim G. hiding in the back)

Studio Daily interviews Peder Norrby, Trapcode’s founder and developer. Read the interview here.

Peder says, “There is also a business-perspective: our goal is for our customers to wow their clients and make more money using the products than the cost of the products themselves, so it is turns out to be a very good investment for them. Good investments are always popular, and news of them tend to spread.” So, that’s his secret!

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LME Freebies

LME logoLME makes awesome templates for Adobe After Effects, Trapcode plug-ins and even one for Motion. Try out some free samples!

For After Effects 6.5 or higher, Mac and Win. Zipped file works with both platforms.

If you don’t have the Trapcode plug-ins, you can download a free demo here.

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Free Comp from LME! LME Fantastic Lux Light Configurations

LME logoThis is not a repeat! Last week’s project was for After Effects with no third-party plug-ins. This one is specifically for Trapcode Lux.

LME logoLME has graciously provided a freebie that is an extra bonus file from each of their sets of beautiful comp files. These are Toolfarm exclusives and we’ll be posting one per week until they’re gone. Here is the sixth in the series… sorry, I’ve lost count! This sample is not included in the LME Fantastic Lux Light Configurations.

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