Create Lens Flare in After Effects and Trapcode Shine

Harry Frank has a nice tutorial up at Studio Daily about making a lens flare in AE CS3 and Trapcode Shine. Of course, Harry will use some expressions.

After Effects

Create a Fluid Plasma Effect with Trapcode Particular

Harry Frank has a tutorial up at Studio Daily called Create a Fluid Plasma Effect with Trapcode Particular. If you don’t have Particular, you can download a free demo here: Toolfarm Demos.

Harry actually did a whole training video on Trapcode Particular put out by Class on Demand. Class on Demand Complete Training for Trapcode Particular Download Version | Class on Demand Complete Training for Trapcode Particular DVD.



Trapcode Particular is available for a 5% discount off the regular price at Toolfarm (Regular price: $299.00, Toolfarm price: $284.00)

Enough with the saley stuff, go check out Harry’s free tutorial. 🙂

After Effects Tutorial

Tutorial: Use Expressions to Speed up Text in AE

Harry Frank has a video up at Studio Daily about Using expressions to speed up lower third creation in After Effects. He explains how to create a document that links to the text document with corresponding scene numbers… a very cool way to speed up simple but tedious work. It’s not difficult, but this is definitely not something you’d figure out yourself, unless you’re a javascript programmer, or a whiz with expressions.

Also, Harry’s Complete training for Trapcode Particular from Class on Demand is half price this week. (DVD | Download), during our One Day Sale. Also, if you haven’t heard, Trapcode Suite is 50% off today only!

After Effects

The Plug-in Post – New from StudioDaily

plugin postToolfarm invites you to subscribe to a new bi-monthly electronic newsletter, The Plug-in Post, brought to you by the same people who publish Studio/monthly magazine, StudioDaily and Film & Video.

The Plug-In Post, launching in late July, will bring you breaking plug-in product news as well as creative ideas on how to extend your editing, effects and animation software, streamline your workflow or simply infuse a project with a novel effect.

Also inside every issue:

  • Where to find and download the latest plug-ins or version upgrades (Hint: It starts with a T and ends in ‘farm’)
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