After Effects Premiere Pro Tutorial

Sound design for motion graphics

“… The right music and the right sound effects in the right places.”

The above quote just about sums up the usefulness of this new tutorial by Jeff Earley for Digital Juice. Jeff takes a flattened render of a voiceless After Effects promo into Premiere Pro and adds layer after layer of sound and music… in just the right places. He gives tons of great tips on general sound design along the way. He makes heavy use of Digital Juice products and software, but again, these tips work with any tools and assets you have. You’ll learn:

  • how to combine synthesized and practical clips together for new sounds with unique personalities
  • combining whooshes and impacts
  • how to align the peak of a whoosh with the animation
  • how to make sure your sounds don’t bump into each other
  • and a lot more

I found it particularly fascinating to hear what Jeff had to say about each sound while he was auditioning them. All in all, nice to see a tutorial on sound design for a change, especially since sound is such a vital aspect of motion graphics design. And many of us could probably do with a little guidance in the area.

Watch the tutorial here.

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John Stanowski