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Shortcut Key Reference v2.2

shortcuts David Torno has released an update to his keyboard shortcuts popup script, Shortcut Key Reference. It has even been optimized for CS3 compatibility.

David says:

Looking for a shortcut key in After Effects? Well how about having access to a list of over 600+ shortcut keys without leaving the After Effects environment? Shortcut Key Reference v2 to the rescue. Give yourself an added advantage by learning shortcut keys for most of your everyday tasks. You’re a veteran AE user? Well it doesn’t hurt to have a quick reminder of a valuable shortcut key that maybe you didn’t use enough to memorize. I’ve been using AE for eleven years now myself and I am always finding new shortcut keys I didn’t realize were there.

Shortcut_Key_Reference_v2 has been finally updated and is compatible with CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5. It now includes both the Dropdown List and Listbox versions from the 2007 release in one script. You can easily toggle which version you would like to view just by clicking a button. With the Listbox version, you can find shortcuts faster by typing in the search field.

Download Shortcut Key Reference and read more about the script.

Free Trim Compose AE Script from Video Copilot

Video Copilot's Trim Compose script cleans up messy timelines.

Video Copilot released a very handy script today which is great for cleaning up messy timelines. Andrew Kramer‘s Trim Compose script can take multiple layers and automatically pre-compose each of them. Now you’re free to heap on the effects, background layers, mattes and whatever else it is your cookin’ in each pre-comp keeping the main time nice and neat. Speaking of which, the new pre-comp layers in your main comp are given a close shave so you have a visual on where all the action is in each layer (no more long slabs of layer over layer). Get the script and watch the tutorial which also comes with some handy info on proxies here.

Free and updated: DV Rebel Tools for After Effects

Stu Maschwitz has updated the free scripts which were included in his book DV Rebel’s Guide. This collection “creates a tool palette that turns After Effects into a full-featured onlining tool.” Watch the tutorial and head to Stu’s blog Prolost to download them for free.

Improving Your Workflow With After Effects Scripts

Check out John Kostrzewski’s article: Improving Your Workflow With After Effects Scripts. He has a great list of resources on the blog post.