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Free Script: Dojo Task List Script Demo Tutorial

Creative Dojo posted a super useful organization script a couple of weeks ago for After Effects. “Dojo Task List is a free script under the ‘Name Your Own Price’ platform. If you find the script useful, feel free to donate whatever amount you’d like.” Creative Dojo is always posting great stuff so please support them!

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Freebie: Organize Project Assets – Free After Effects Script

Have you ever had to work with someone else’s After Effects files and they are a crazy mess? You know artists can be so unorganized! Organize Project Assets  was built to help cleanup your project file!

David Torno, developer of the script, freely admits that he made it to keep his own content organized. David says, “Organize Project Assets is an After Effects scripts I built to do a foundational cleanup of a project. It helps get it in at the very least a starting point to where you can better hunt for what you need. It’s not super fancy, but it does put things in their place, literally. Precomps in a precomp folder, solids in a solid folder, and all footage into folders based on their file extension type. So all jpg’s go into a jpg folder, wav’s into an wav folder and so forth.” Yes, please!

David has a video up at Pro Video Coalition that explains how to install and use the script.

Click here to download Organize Project Assets

Thank you for sharing, David!

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After Effects Tutorial

Freebie: Null Swapper – Plexus/Particular Utility Script

Download the script

In the download, Dave provides a .zip file that contains the NullSwapper_v1_5.jsxbin file and the NullSwapper.aep project file he uses in the tutorial, so you can follow along if you like.

Right Click the link below and select “Save As”. (CS5.5, CS6, AECC)

Check out the tutorial video, that we can unfortunately not embed here, at

Want more about scripting?

Tutorials: After Effects ExtendScript Training by David Torno Ep. 1-19

Tutorial: Expression Shorts – Read External Text Document

Try free demos of Trapcode Particular and Plexus


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3D Options script for After Effect CS6

Motion Boutique, creators of Newton, has devised a script which mirrors the new Geometry and Material Options and brings them up front in its own panel.

There’s no added functionality. The panel is not dockable. And it’s oblivious to current settings when invoked on a layer which already has geometry or material options set. But it may be more convenient to use in certain situations. For instance, when you’d rather not expand the Timeline so much in order to get to these parameters the standard way. In that case, it shines.

Click here to get the 3DOptions script from the Motion Boutique blog.