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conSOLIDator by David Torno – ProVideo Coalition

VFX guru David Torno has finally completed his After Effects scripting pet project, conSOLIDator.  conSOLIDator does pretty much what it says. It consolidates the Solids and Nulls in your project files into as few as possible. Now you will have less Solids to look at in your Project Panel.

conSOLIDator – Free & Open Source

David started this little project back 2015 at the request of Harry Frank. However, life got in the way and it was put on the back burner for a while.  Then, Victoria Nece, Adobe Product Manager for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects, contacted him about a user request to consolidate nulls and solids.  So, he resurrected the scipt, completed it, and is now offering it to the After Effects community.

The script is free and even open source so you can see all the code.

David has more info about this handy script as well as download links and a tutorial on how it works, at ProVideo Coalition.

Happy conSOLIDating!

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Google’s Sketch2AE Script and Inspector Spacetime Scripts

Sketch2AE Script allows UX Designers to import Google Sketch artboards straight into After Effects as editable shape and text layers, without the tedious task of redrawing everything in Illustrator first.  Inspector Spacetime allows you to bring motion specs from Sketch to After Effects. Both are from Google SUMux Motion Design.

Just so we’re clear, this is not SketchUp, but Sketch for creating UI design for apps. I have not used this software and from what I’ve read, it produces a lot of layers, however, it looks like it would be very useful for people designing apps.

Learn more: Sketch2AE Learn more: Inspector Spacetime

Inspector Spacetime

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ButtCapper – The Free Stroke Cap Script for AE

Battle Axe builds tools for motion designers and animators to save time and do better work inside of Adobe After Effects. One of their handy tools is Buttcapper.

This hilariously named tool is an easy one click solution for changing stroke caps and joins in AE.  It has the potential to save you tons of time.  And did I mention, it’s free?

  • Change stroke caps with a single click
  • Change join types by holding Alt/Opt
  • Available as a panel or FT-Toolbar

Download ButtCapper from

Learn more about Adobe After Effects at

After Effects Plug-ins Preset Script

Presets vs Scripts vs Plugins in After Effects

Are you confused about what the differences are between presets, scripts and plug-ins when associated with After Effects?  Well then, check out Mikey’s video that explains it all.

Watch on Youtube

“I hope this helps you out, some people use the terms script and plugin interchangeably but there are differences.” – Mikey Borup

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