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Media Composer 101 – Advanced – Roundtripping to After Effects

In the next lesson of Kevin P McAuliffe’s “Media Composer 101” tutorial series, he sidesteps from the basic training to cover an advanced lesson, based on an e-mail from a viewer, and some online confusion.

“For this week’s lesson, I thought we would take a break from the basic training, and answer a more advanced question from a viewer.  In the past, taking your Media Composer timeline to After Effects was not only a pain, but it required a third party plug-in to do it.  Once Automatic Duck was enveloped into the Adobe family, it became a part of After Effects that often goes unseen.  I received an e-mail from a viewer who was unsure as to whether a Media Composer to After Effects and back workflow would work for what he wanted to do, as he would rather use what he has at his disposal (Creative Cloud subscription), as opposed to purchasing more third party plug-ins.  In this lesson, I’ll show you how easy it is to move your Media Composer timeline over to After Effects, but more importantly, I’ll talk about how to set up your Render Queue in After Effects to send your footage back exported properly, so it imports quickly into Media Composer, and looks exactly as it should.  Most people think that exporting using the Animation codec is good enough, the only problem is that when you re-import the footage into Media Composer, you are recompressing it, and the import will take much longer (depending on how long your clip is).  Using the method I’ll show you, you can keep your file sizes down, avoid recompressing, and fast import into Media Composer and be up running super quick!  This lesson is a must watch for anyone who uses Media Composer and After Effects on a daily basis.” – Kevin McAuliffe | Pro Video Coalition

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