After Effects Tutorial

Creating lower 3rds with After Effects CS3 & Bridge CS3

Have you seen Terry White’s Adobe Creative Suite Podcast? Terry is a Detroit-based artist who also runs the local Mac user group. He puts out podcasts about once a week. Quality stuff.

Creating lower 3rds with After Effects CS3 & Bridge CS3

After Effects CINEMA 4D Premiere Pro

Three New Plugged-In Podcasts available, recorded live at NAB!

plugged in

Keith and Alan recorded the podcast live at NAB…. and it’s a HUGE Triliogy of HOT shows!

Podcast 2 recorded at the Toolfarm Party on Sunday night at the MGM Grand

Exclusive interviews with the tops in the industry including Paul Babb, President of Maxon (Cinema 4D), Zax Dow of Zaxwerks, Christoph Vonhreim of CHV-Electronics, Debbie Rich of Digital Anarchy, John Dickinson of Motionworks, Niclas Bahn of Noise Industries, and Jason Sharp, President of Toolfarm.

Podcast 3: Live Interviews at the IMUG Media Motion Ball

Interviews Chris & Trish Meyer, Rob Birnholtz from Absolute Motion Graphics, Wes Plate of Automatic Duck, Frank Capria of Xprove, Brian Maffitt of Total Training.

Podcast 4: Interviews from The Promax Digital Cafe at the Empire Ball Room

Exclusive interviews with Carey Dissmore of IMUG, Phil Hodgetts of the Digital Production Buzz Podcast, Barbara Dehart of Telestream, Jason Levine Sr. Worldwide Evangelist of Adobe Systems or something like that… a really long title, and Dan Hatch of ProMax.

There are two ways to listen to the podcasts in iTunes:

Add to iTunes iTunes

Or Launch iTunes and you’ll be taken to the podcast page, without subscribing.

If those links do not work for you, you can do it manually.

  1. Copy this link to your clipboard.
  2. Launch iTunes. Go to Advanced > Subscribe to podcast.
  3. Paste the URL and click Okay.
After Effects

Plugged-In: The Digital Landscape Launches! For real this time.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Keith Larsen and Alan Spaulding finished this incredible podcast and I *launched* it on Tuesday… or shall I say thought I was launching it. After encountering issue after issue with the feed and iTunes, I’ve gotten it all sorted out, and become an expert at putting a podcast on iTunes at the same time!

Allright, I’ve teased you enough over the past few days, dangling the podcast carrot right in front of your nose. If you were not able to listen, everything is working right and it’s ready to go. Crunch that carrot.

Without further ado, Plugged-In: The Digital Landscape – Epidsode 1. Click for details of the podcast and info on how to listen.