After Effects Tutorial

Make some messy title reveals in After Effects

The folks at Rampant Design Tools show you how to make a messy text reveal using built-in effect Simple Choker and some stock elements.

After Effects Tutorial

Tutorial: Create a Title Paint-On Effect With Boris RED 4.2

One of the more interesting text animation techniques is a paint-on effect where brush strokes reveal a title on the screen. To create this effect we will use Boris RED 4.2 for its comprehensive paint features…

London Taxi - Boris Red tutorial

Read the tutorial: Create a Title Paint-On Effect With Boris RED 4.2

While we’re talking about Boris Red, I should mention that v4.2 came out not too long ago. Try a demo today!

Learn more about Boris Red in our Plug-in Finder

After Effects

Paint Tricks #1: Spray Paint Stencil

spraypaintI’ll be doing a series on tricks with paint and clone tools. Here is number one. A student asked me how to achieve this effect a few months back. It’s very easy, but as you can see, I’m not much of a tagger.

If you don’t have AE 7, here’s the basic technique. Put your text or logo on a layer. Add a solid, we’ll call it ‘Paint Layer’. Make sure it’s below your text layer. Use the Paint brush, with a big fat fluffy brush setting. If you have a tablet, even better! Set the pen pressure settings for roundness, flow, etc. Paint your strokes and make any adjustments. Then, apply Scatter to your layer. Adjust as necessary. Set the Track Matte of your ‘Paint Layer’ to Alpha Matte Inverted. If you don’t have that option, your text layer is not above your ‘Paint Layer’.

Watch Sample | Download AE Project (AE 7) (Link fixed)