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2 Ways to Create Seamless Joints in After Effects

Freelance animator Lee Daniels explains 2 simple methods for creating seamless joints in the arms and legs of 2D characters.  It’s all done directly inside After Effects, in this Quick Tip.


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This tutorial was found via Lesterbanks.  Thanks for sharing.

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After Effects

Andrew Kramer: After Effects CC: Designing Futuristic Titles for FOX’s “Almost Human” | Adobe Creative Cloud

Designing Futuristic Titles for FOX’s “Almost Human” with Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer from talks about how he used Adobe After Effects to create some of the futuristic titles for the TV show “Almost Human” as well as title sequences for few other shows and movies.

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After Effects Tutorial

Advanced Matte with Set Matte Effect in After Effects

Set Matte Versus Track Matte

Set-Matte is a more versatile and “advanced” way to get the most out of working with mattes.

Mike Ridolfi from Mobox Graphics shows you how to use the built in Set-Matte effect inside After Effects to set mattes for multiple layers without relying on track mattes.  This makes for a slimmer project file when working with multiple mattes. He discusses the different types of mattes too; such as alpha matte, alpha inverted matte, luma matte, and luma inverted matte.

Download the project files here:

Found via Lesterbanks.  Thanks for sharing.

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After Effects Tutorial

Tutorial: Create Stylish Opener in After Effects

Nikhil Pawar from Dope Motions shows you how to make a super useful opener motion graphic sequence in After Effects. This is the type of effect you could use over and over if you swap out the imagery.

Check out his YouTube Channel for more tutorials.

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