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Tutorial: Glossy 3D Metal Logo in After Effects + Half Rez 7 Information

Glossy 3D Metal Logo Tutorial

Nick from Greyscalegorilla walks you through creating a Glossy 3D Metal Logo in After Effects with no third party plugins required.

Get Glossy 3D Metal Logo project files here

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Greyscalegorilla Podcast, Episode 10, Featuring Node Based Compositing, 3D in After Effects

Greyscalegorilla Complete SuiteGreyscalegorilla Complete Suite

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Event: Half Rez 7, Sponsored by Chicago C4D

Half Rez 7

If you’re in the midwest, mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 6 PM to Midnight at the Chop Shop in Chicago. Tickets are going fast!

We’ve been to several events over the past few years and they always have a great lineup of speakers. This year’s speakers include Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot; Donnie Bauer of The Mill; Bhakti Patel, animator and motion designer; and John Pobojewski of Thirst.

Tickets are still available for the event at Even if you’re not planning to go, their website is a lot of fun.

CINEMA 4D Tutorial

Tutorial: Create Balloons Using Cloth Dynamics from eyedesyn + GSG Sales Info

EJ Hassenfratz explains how to create fun mylar balloons with the cloth engine and vertex maps in Cinema 4D.

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GSG’s Motion Suite, Rendering Suite, and GSG Complete Suites are already discounted every day. But even THOSE are going on sale. That means you can get all of Greyscalegorilla’s software for $562!!! If you purchased it separately, it would be over $1300.

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After Effects CINEMA 4D

Greyscalegorilla Podcast, Episode 10, Featuring Node Based Compositing, 3D in After Effects

If you haven’t checked out the Greyscalegorilla podcast, it’s entertaining and educational. This episode features Nick Campbell, Chris Schmidt, and Chad Ashley of GSG.

The team gives updates about  what’s going on at Greyscalegorilla. They talk about the new 3D engine from Adobe called Project Felix, made for non-3D users who use After Effects and other Adobe software. Chris, Nick and Chad also chat about node-based compositing workflow for 3D and 2D.

Because of the format, this is great to just listen to in the background while you’re doing other things. They talk about interesting and relevant topics and I learned a lot.

Other Topics from the Greyscalegorilla Podcast show notes

CINEMA 4D Featured Tutorial

How to create plastic textures in Cinema 4D

“In this tutorial I’m going to break down how to create a piece of a “Mini Machine” from this piece by Pixego and how to create plastic textures, including a plastic glass texture.  We’ll build the mini machine, add a 3 point light setup & add the GSG HDRI Studio, and then go over how to texture our objects!

By the way, this tutorial can be followed along using Cinema 4D Lite that comes for FREE with Adobe Creative Cloud!

And as always, if you have any questions, be sure to post it in the comments section and if you create anything cool using this technique, be sure to share it with me! Thanks for watching!” – EJ Hassenfratz

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