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Red Giant TV Ep 18: Compositing Tips from ‘Greenscreen Made Easy’

Here’s an oldie, dug up from the vaults! If you missed the podcast I did for Red Giant TV on May 5, 2009, about Primatte Keyer and Key Correct Pro, it is surprisingly still very relevant. It’s not just another “here’s how to use the tools” type of video, but I get deep into keying technique with tips to optimize your keying potential.

If you’re interested in learning more about these products, Toolfarm has Red Giant Tools at 10% off every day.

  • Red Giant Keying Suite - Keying Suite is a complete set of professional tools that make your keying look seamless and sells the realism of your composite. Get great results for basic keying situations as well as multi-step composites and difficult shots like low light or choppy footage.
  • Red Giant Primatte Keyer - Quality, speed, control. That’s what you need from a professional chromakey tool and Primatte Keyer delivers. Version 5.0 gives new levels of automation and efficiency with a reorganized interface, default settings that give great results, and tools to quickly tweak your key. An improved Auto Compute and the new Adjust Light tool are the special sauce in Primatte 5.0, creating an accurate key in a few clicks. Use the new Hybrid Matte for unprecedented control in keeping matte edges clean and a new Smart Sample algorithm for smarter foreground selection. Whether you are creating a documentary film, an indie production, news station promo or music video, Primatte 5.0 is an industry-loved solution that unlocks the secret to an easy, automatic key.
  • Red Giant Key Correct - Key Correct is an integral part of keeping your composite look natural and realistic. This set of 15 plug-ins can be used to soften alpha channels, match foreground and background colors, fix outlines, and clean up noise. Key Correct is the secret ingredient for top-quality results from popular keyers like Primatte Keyer (our favorite!), Keylight and Ultimatte. You can also download a free trial of any Red Giant plug-in.

In Depth: Keying: Pre-Processing Greenscreen Footage for Keying

I put up the second installment on my chroma keying series at Toolfarm last night. It’s about preparing your greenscreen footage for keying.  If your greenscreen footage didn’t turn out as perfectly as you had hoped, I talk about some things that you can do to fix problems and not create new ones.

In Depth: Keying: Pre-Processing Greenscreen Footage for Keying

See part 1 in this series:
In Depth: Keying: Introduction & Frequently Asked Questions about Shooting Greenscreen

Michele Yamazaki on Movie Geeks United Podcast

GSMEToolfarm’s Michele Yamazaki is a guest on The Art of Greenscreen Movie Talk Roundtable show on BlogTalkRadio. The talk centers around Michele and Jereme Hanke’s book, Greensreen Made Easy: Keying and Compositing Techniques for Indie Filmmakers.

Red Giant Software: Episode 18: Compositing Tips from ‘Greenscreen Made Easy’ Episode 18: Compositing Tips from ‘Greenscreen Made Easy’

In this Episode, the Toolfarm’s Michele Yamazaki shares a ton of great compositing tips from her new book, Greenscreen Made Easy.