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Freebie: The Pancake Timeline Workspace for Premiere Pro CC and CS6


Vashi Nedomansky says “This is a technique I use for dramatically speeding up my initial rough cut. With tighter schedules and deadlines kicking on your door…every little bit helps.”

He stacks two timelines on top of each other so that he can now access an entire reel of selects in whatever order is desired. He can instantly drop them into the active timeline below. The image above has 24 hours of footage, the limit of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, in the timeline, and all the footage is instantly accessable.

He explains:

To accomplish this layout…first open both timelines by clicking on them in the Project Panel. Drag the Selects timeline tab and hover over the top quarter of the Master timeline. Once it turns a purple color, release the tab and you’re in Pancake Land!

It makes a lot of sense to me to work this way, especially if you have screen real estate to spare. He calls this a template but I’d say that it’s more of a workspace layout. We’ll compromise and call it both.


Stop Motion Kit for After Effects

Quba Michalski‘s new tutorial shows you how to mimic the old look of stop motion with After Effects layers. He’s also created a free collection of presets which you can download at his site.

“This collection of presets will allow you to easily add subtle imperfections to the movement of objects in your scene, emulating animator errors that are a staple of stop motion animation. Using 6 different expression sets, you will be able to apply and control glitches in movement, rotation and timing of your objects as well as simulate changes in camera position and exposure.”