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After Effects New York User Group’s First meeting Feb 22

Adobe After Effects New York (AENY) first meeting is set for February 22. There is no fee for this event, thanks to sponsorship from Adobe and Pratt Manhattan. They are covering Maxon Cinema 4D 10 and After Effects Integration, as well as Mograph, Stephen Neary will present "Bigfoot’s Eulogy" and Aharon Rabinowitz will be presenting some quick After Effects tips. I met Aharon at NAB NY.

They’re giving away LOADS of door prizes including Red Giant Software: Magic Bullet Suite, MB Colorista and Trapcode Suite (all Trapcode Plug-ins), three Wondertouch particleIllusion licenses, GridIron Nucleo and Nucleo Pro, Cinema 4D and Mograph, Sorenson Squeeze Power Pack, Automatic Duck, Digital Anarchy PlasmaFX, Cycore FX and more. Wow…. good stuff, indeed.

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Beta Test for Digital Anarchy

Posted to the AE-List by Jim Tierny, Digital Anarchy:

We’re working on some plug-ins using the Core Image stuff on the Mac and need some quick testing help.

We need folks who have:

– Mac OS 10.4 or better
– FCP 5.1 or better
– AE 6.x or better
– preferabably a Mac-Intel machine and FCP 5.1.2 (but PPC is ok)
– 2-3 hours to install and briefly look at each filter

Drop me a line at if you’re interested and let me know what version of the OS, FCP, and AE you have and what machine you’re running.

If you report back to us after you’ve tested it, you’ll get a free license of the software.


Digital Anarchy Data Animator Preset

Pie ChartI’ve been learning the ins and outs of Digital Anarchy’s Data Animator for the past 24 hours because I’m demoing it at the Apple Video World in San Francisco on Thursday.

Here is a simple multi-colored pie chart for you to use. Put your own data in. I’ve attached my data file and the preset to create the look and animation of the pie charts. The data is pretty much made up and is not based in reality.

View movie sample

Download Preset and Data (AE 7)

You can get a demo of Data Animator at Digital Anarchy’s website.

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3D Chart in AE – With no plug-ins

Bar-chart action, without plug-ins!

I obviously made this for a TV presentation, but it’s easy to change. The bars and numbers are driven by expression sliders. They are VERY easy to change.

It’s a little pokey on the render side of things, but it’s easy to use and will make the whole chart animation process much easier if you don’t have any way of making 3D charts on your own.

Click the picture to see a short animated example.

If you need a quicker more versatile method for charting things out, be sure to check out Data Animator from Digital Anarchy.