Photoshop Filter! Cartoon Bubble 1.0 from Digital Anarchy

Just got the Digital Anarchy newsletter and this one popped out at me. The Cartoon Bubble plug-in is designed to create basic speech bubbles to go along with ToonIt Photo or any time you need to make your photos talk! It creates simple ellipse and rectangular speech bubbles that can be any size. You can adjust colors, fonts, outline thickness, and position. It’s a great way to make your ToonIt images start speaking.

You don’t need to be an owner of ToonIt, anyone can download it free and use it. It works on Windows and Mac and any recent version of Photoshop.

Also, check out the interview with Jim Tierney, head anarchist at Digital Anarchy, over at

After Effects

Digital Anarchy Needs Beta Testers For ToonIt! Aperture

From the Digital Anarchy newsletter:

Do you think ToonIt! is the coolest thing since iPods in a blender? Do you use Aperture?

We’re looking for a few good Aperture users to help us test ToonIt for Aperture! If you’re interested in helping us out please drop an email to and put APERTURE BETA in the subject field. Please let me know what products of Digital Anarchy you own, how long you’ve been using Aperture, if you’ve beta tested before, and what machine(s) you’re using.

Photoshop Tutorial

New Photoshop Tutorials from Digital Anarchy

Digital Anarchy is fully focused on their Photoshop plug-ins and have some new tutorials on their site which use Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop.

Creating Volumetric Light – We all know the look of a beam of light bursting through the clouds or coming from the top of a dusty (and otherwise dark) cave. Usie Knoll Light Factory in conjunction with some of Photoshop’s built-in filters to create this look very easily.

Blurring Elements – On high resolution images, Knoll’s light flares sometimes show thin lines that don’t look realistic. This tutorial talks about ways to deal with this problem and produce natural looking lens flares. This movie may take a few minutes to load.

After Effects Tutorial

Making Charts and Graphs in After Effects

I had a call last week asking me for methods of making charts and graphs in AE. There is, of course, Digital Anarchy Data Animator, which does it all, but hasn’t been updated for AE CS3. What do you do if you’re using AE CS3? Well, there are also loads of tutorials out there.