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Free AE Projects from Dean Velez

Hello Video, Film and Web guys and gals,

I thought I’d put up a few free After Effects Projects for download to help celebrate July 4th ( I’m a sucker for good fireworks ). They’re only up until July 4th.

You’ll find them on my website under the Ani Elements section labeled Ani Elements Batch 1. There are 20 assorted AEPs ranging from Flames, Bubbles, Water, Blood, Glows and a whole lot more.

As usually they are fully customizable and royalty free.



After Effects

Free St. Patty’s Day AE Projects from Dean Velez

Hello Video, Film and Web folks,

I was messing around with some ideas for St Patrick’s Day and came up with twelve different animations. There are Gold Coins, Rainbows, Clovers and even a Pot of Gold ready for download!

All 12 are free up until March 17th…and as usual they are royalty free and fully customizable.

You can get to them from the home page …just click on the clover.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think…oh and some are render intensive…especially the Rainbows



After Effects

AE Training Round-Up, Free After Effects Comps from The Anvel

Ko Maruyama has posted a blog entry at Ninja Crayon about the training that is available for After Effects and happens to mention three of our Forum Experts, Harry J. Frank, John Dickinson and Dean Velez.

Harry J. FrankHarry’s training is available just this week and to say it’s selling well would be an understatement! After Effects Expressions hits a niche where there is really not a lot of training and Harry’s training is fun to watch and easy to absorb. It’s downloadable immediately and is affordable at just $29 for 60 minutes of Expressions training. It is designed for the designer, not the programmer, and it will take your Expressiophobia away.

John DickinsonJohn Dickinson’s Creative Background Design Series has also been very popular. John currently has six modules in his series and he uses some innovative techniques and explains several shortcuts that will help your workflow. John’s training is just $5 a pop and great for the beginner or seasoned veteran.

Dean VelezDean Velez puts out training through his company, The Anvel. His training, The Anvel Industry Training for AE is incredible. I showed my class some of the training last semester and they were completely into it. People actually stuck around until the end of class instead of bagging class after an hour 😉

Just yesterday, Dean posted the following to our Expert Forum:

Hello Video, Film and Web guys and gals,

The Anvel has just posted 29 new royalty free and fully customizable After Effects 7.0 Professional projects ready for download.

The Projects all deal with Text and adding effects to text. They cover the letters A-Z ( Aura, Balls, Cosmic, Destroy, Electric, Extrude, Fire, Glimmer, Hose, Ice, Join, Killer, Laser, Magnify, Nature, Odor, Paint, Quartz, Road, Strange, Tear, Universe, Vile, Web, Wind, X-Ray, Yank, Zoom )

Some are render intensive…so prerender when you can.

Hope you enjoy them! and drop me a line to let me know which one is your favorite…mine is Killer.

Dean is always posting awesome free stuff every month or two, so you’d be doing yourself a big service to go to our forum and hang out. Ask some questions while you’re there and guys like Harry and John will answer your questions.

Ko also mentions Aharon Rabinowitz’s quality training. Aharon runs After Effects NY user group, which met last night and Toolfarm gave away Harry’s new training at the meeting. I hear the meeting was great, with Curious Pictures showing their Disney Channel program, Little Einsteins ("Come on! Wave your arms to make our ship fly faster!" and so you can hear some Vivaldi… oh, I’m sure you’ve seen it!)

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Plugged-In: The Digital Landscape Launches! For real this time.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Keith Larsen and Alan Spaulding finished this incredible podcast and I *launched* it on Tuesday… or shall I say thought I was launching it. After encountering issue after issue with the feed and iTunes, I’ve gotten it all sorted out, and become an expert at putting a podcast on iTunes at the same time!

Allright, I’ve teased you enough over the past few days, dangling the podcast carrot right in front of your nose. If you were not able to listen, everything is working right and it’s ready to go. Crunch that carrot.

Without further ado, Plugged-In: The Digital Landscape – Epidsode 1. Click for details of the podcast and info on how to listen.