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Freebie: Exclusive Giveaway from Boris FX: Continuum VR Unit FREE

Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Free Continuum VR Unit:

  • The Continuum VR Unit is currently the only 360° plug-in toolkit on the market that provides a single, cross-host license: delivering major time-saving benefits!
  • Tackle often challenging 360° editing and post tasks quickly with GPU-accelerated filters.
  • Fix 360° footage fast with image restoration tools: eliminate flicker, sharpen your footage, reorient the hero view.
  • Easily add titles, graphics, blurs & 2D elements to the spherical 360° workspace.
  • It’s FREE until Thursday, May 31, 2018, at midnight EDT. (a $199 value)

Get the Free Continuum VR Unit

Continuum VR Unit support: Adobe After Effects CC & Premiere Pro CC; Avid Media Compose; Apple FCP X; OFX hosts including DaVinci Resolve, VEGAS PRO & HitFilm.

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boris continuum vr unit webinar

Webinar: Working Faster in 360° Post & VFX – Tuesday, May 8

Continuum VR Unit & Adobe Workflows

Join Adobe certified trainer, Nick Harauz, as he shows 360° editors the power and speed of the Continuum VR Unit. This training event will be presented in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. However, the Continuum VR Unit techniques you’ll see can be used in all available host applications.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Get a basic understanding of the tools available in Premiere and After Effects for 360° mono and stereo workflows
  • Discover how the 5 Continuum VR filters — VR Blur, VR Flicker Fixer, VR Insert, VR Reorient, and VR Sharpen — complement the Adobe workflow and even expand on how you work with 360° footage
  • How to work with Continuum VR’s presets cross-platform for major time-saving benefits
  • Bonus! How to use Mocha VR to solve tracking and stabilization challenges you might have thought were impossible

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 2pm EDT/11am PDT

Giveaways: Win over $2K worth of VFX plug-ins!

Register Here

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Skin Retouching and Digital Makeup, plus a new freebie!

A while ago I did an exhaustive series at Toolfarm on fixing skin and digital makeup. Well, there are always new tools and tutorials coming out. There’s a “name your own price” tool, (which is a freebie if you’re not feeling generous) from Mamoworld Tools. I’ll have info at the end of the article if you’d like to check it out. 😉

In Depth: Skin Retouching Series from Toolfarm

Part 1In Depth: Skin Retouching: Part 1: Digital Makeup

Read Part 1: Digital Makeup HERE.

This is not an article about creating unachievable perfection. Do you need to make some small fixes to the skin of your actor, like fixing a blemish or blotchiness? This article covers

  • Isolating skin tones
  • Color Correction and skin tone
  • Smoothing Skin
  • Photoshop Skin Retouching

In Depth: Skin Retouching Part 2: The Plug-ins

Skin Retouching Part 2
Check out Part 2: In Depth: Skin Retouching Part 2: The Plug-ins, covering plug-ins for general skin improvement, including:

In Depth: Skin Retouching Part 3: More Plug-ins + Tutorials

Skin Retouching Part 3
Check out Part 3: In Depth: Skin Retouching Part 2: More Plug-ins + Tutorials, covering nine plug-ins for general skin improvement, including:

In Depth: Skin Retouching Part 4: DaVinci Resolve

In Depth: Skin Retouching Part 4: DaVinci Resolve
Making skin tones appear natural, yet attractive, in color graded footage can be intimidating to the inexperienced. Here are some tutorials and articles focused on working with skin tones with Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, including smoothing and cosmetic color grading.

Read more

Skin Retouch – A freebie from Mamoworld

Remember that freebie I mentioned earlier? Well, Mamoworld Tools has a “Name your Price” or “100% Free” (depending on where you look on the page).

Mamoworld has great tools like Auto Lip-Sync, BeatEdit for Premiere Pro, iExpressions, Masktracker+, mochaImport+, and more, so check them out. They are super useful workflow tools!

Download Mamoworld Tools Skin Retouch

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Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Lite is Free and now better than ever!

DaVinci Resolve Lite is Free and now better than ever

A tad off topic here for a moment but many AE’ers like to dabble in other apps and this one is a doosy. (How do you spell doosy?  Is it doosey?) Not that long ago BlackMagic Design let loose a free version of the DaVinci Resolve software (called DaVinci Resolve Lite) for color grading. Yes, it’s completely free though it was somewhat limited in its power, e.g. only two color correction nodes. However, version 8.1 released today (Download it here) now has unlimited nodes… and power windows… and tracking! This lite version has just about everything the lite or casual user could want.