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CC Ball Action

CC Ball ActionAdam Everett (from AE Tuts Plus) guest hosts MotionworksAfter Effects A-Z tip series with a look at CC Ball Action. If, like me, you just keep forgetting that effect is even there, you’ll see plenty of potential – and diverse – uses from 3D effects, text transitions and background design. Click here to watch.

Adam also mentions two other places to go for more Ball Action. A previous tutorial he’d done called Give Your Type Some Ball Action, and Video Copilot‘s 3D Ball Dispersion.

After Effects Plug-ins

Rebel CC Free Plug-in

From Dennis Radeke’s The Genesis Project:

Stu Maschwitz is really one of the top guys around in the world of After Effects and he evidently is also a scripting genius since he strung together a bunch of Cycore effects that are included with After Effects to give you a color correction tool with out putting out some coin.

So this is a plug-in, but only kind of, since you access it through the scripts folder. Don’t let that scare you off though, because you don’t deal with ‘scripts’ at all. I like the Rebel CC because it gives you a step-by-step process to better color, but in very easy, small steps.

Here’s the video that David Basulto did on the Rebel CC, and I recommend that you give it a look before you download the Rebel CC script.

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t care about ‘no stinkin’ videos,’ you can get to the Rebel CC page here.

After Effects Preset

Happy Holidays from Toolfarm!

treeWe have a special gift for you. View your card and download some free presets for After Effects and Motion!

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday.

After Effects

As the World Turns…

Globe Picture

Using CC Sphere and the grid effect, you can make some really cool looking globes in After Effects. I’ve used this on MANY occasions. It’s so much quicker than jumping to a 3D app. If you put a little spin on the globe and auto-orient it to the camera, you’d never tell the difference, visually. I’ve already set these things up in the comp linked below. Enjoy!

Globe Project AE7