CINEMA 4D Editing Featured Tutorial

Modeling and Animating Toothbrush Bristles


“In this series, we will use the Hair Object in Cinema 4D to set up the bristles of a toothbrush and create a realistic dynamic simulation of a toothbrush brushing a set of teeth.

We will start things off by setting up the growth areas for the toothbrush bristles using CV-Boole Tools, UV Edit and Bodypaint. Using the Hair Object, we will generate hair and adjust the look of the bristles with the Hair Material and Hair Tools. We’ll then adjust the Hair parameters and use the Dynamic Interaction tool to zero in on the look and feel of stiff toothbrush bristles. We will then use Cappuccino to animate the toothbrush brushing in realtime. Finally, we’ll import a set of teeth into the scene and use the Hair collision tag to simulate contact between the bristles and the teeth.” – Vic Garcia | Cineversity

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