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The Mega List Adobe After Effects Tutorials for Beginners

After Effects BannerAre you a beginner to After Effects and need tutorials to learn about compositions, timeline, layers, masking, keyframes, etc. Oh, there are many places to learn! Here is a list in no particular order, and it might not look that long, however, each link has dozens, even hundreds of tutorials. Need After Effects or Adobe Creative Cloud?

Getting started with After Effects (CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC)
Todd Kopriva of Adobe has put together this wonderful list of resources for learning AE. See also: Adobe After Effects CC Essentials for Beginners

After Effects basics tutorials by Andrew Devis
Another big list from Todd Kopriva. This one goes into detail on all sorts of topics such as Timeline basics, Shape Layers, Parenting and more. – Adobe After Effects
Lots of video tutorials for Adobe After Effects

After Effects Help – The Adobe After Effects support page goes over workflow, projects and compositions, importing footage, layers and more.

10 Basic After Effects tutorials for beginners – This list is getting a bit long in the tooth (old), however, pretty much everything is still relevant in the current version of AE. Topics covered include Time Remapping, keying, and Expressions.

Toolfarm After Effects Tutorials – These tutorials run the gamut from easy to complex and there are a lot! The site is in the middle of a revamping so it will be much prettier in a month or two. Use the search to find what you need or click the Show Tutorial Navigation on the right in the meantime.

CG MotionBox – Mostly medium to advanced but you will find some great stuff to learn.

AE: Tutorials by Mikey – Lots of video tutorials from Mikey Borup. I believe he is putting out a two videos per week!

Video Copilot After Effects Basic Training – Yes, you already know about Andrew Kramer’s great tutorials. It’s probably why you started to learn After Effects! Learn more about Video Copilot products.

MamoWorld’s Basic After Effects Guru Lessons – Makers of plug-ins such as Auto Lip Sync, MaskTracker+ and Mocha Import for Nuke have a step-by-step free video series covering keyframes, masks and adjustment layers, color correction and more.

The Beginners Guide to After Effects – CreativeBloq covers layers, comps, expressions and more.

That’s enough for now. If you know of a great resource that I missed, please let us know.

After Effects Tutorial

Tutorial: Use Property Linking to Control Effects in Multiple Clips

Adobe TV has some great content to learn Adobe software. In this episode, Maxim Jago shows special effects workflow that allows for a single set of controllers for multiple clips. Think of it as style sheets for After Effects, where you can change color effects, or whatever parameter you want, globally. This is huge if you’re a template developer.

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After Effects Featured Tutorial

Tutorials: The Ray-traced 3D Renderer in After Effects

Rich Young at AE Portal put together a series of tutorials on the Ray-traced 3D Renderer. Read the article here.  To expand on Rich’s articles, here are a couple of tutorials from Adobe TV.

This reminded me of an article I wrote in August 2013 titled In Depth: Optimizing After Effects for the Best Performance. Here are a few things you need to know.

  1. The Ray-traced 3D Renderer was introduced in After Effects CS6.  If you’re using an older version of AE, this article is not pertinent to you. See
    After Effects CS6 (11.0.2) update: bug fixes and added GPUs for ray-traced 3D renderer
  2. To use GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer you will need CUDA on specific graphics cards. More on Graphics Card (CUDA, OpenGL)
  3. You have to have CUDA enabled. See How To Enable GPU CUDA in Adobe CS6 for Mac

Introduction to Ray-traced 3D

Brian Maffitt gives an introduction to Ray-traced 3D. Learn how to activate it and about the 3D layers it adds and the many options that are available in those layers.

Ray-Traced 3D in After Effects

London, England based digital artist and animator, Birgitta Hosea, shows the powerful Ray-traced 3D engine in After Effects, including how vector shapes and text can quickly be extruded in 3D. She also demonstrates the new materials options for translucency, refraction and reflection.

After Effects Tutorial

New After Effects tutorials for beginners

Adobe TV

New to After Effects? Having trouble finding simpler tutorials which cover the basics? Adobe TV has a 7-part series titled Classroom: Basic Compositing and Animation in After Effects CS5. With this free tutorial course you’ll learn animation and compositing basics, keyframes, masking, parenting and more. And just in case a hole in the space/time continuum has somehow prevented you from being aware of Video Copilot, there’s a free ten-part series there called After Effects Basic Training.

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