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Sound design for motion graphics

“… The right music and the right sound effects in the right places.”

The above quote just about sums up the usefulness of this new tutorial by Jeff Earley for Digital Juice. Jeff takes a flattened render of a voiceless After Effects promo into Premiere Pro and adds layer after layer of sound and music… in just the right places. He gives tons of great tips on general sound design along the way. He makes heavy use of Digital Juice products and software, but again, these tips work with any tools and assets you have. You’ll learn:

  • how to combine synthesized and practical clips together for new sounds with unique personalities
  • combining whooshes and impacts
  • how to align the peak of a whoosh with the animation
  • how to make sure your sounds don’t bump into each other
  • and a lot more

I found it particularly fascinating to hear what Jeff had to say about each sound while he was auditioning them. All in all, nice to see a tutorial on sound design for a change, especially since sound is such a vital aspect of motion graphics design. And many of us could probably do with a little guidance in the area.

Watch the tutorial here.

Have you seen any tutorials like this one? Share with us and post them in the comments!

John Stanowski

After Effects Premiere Pro Tutorial

John Dickinson tours Adobe Media Encoder CS5

Adobe Media Encoder CS5Earlier this week we shared a tip on how you can now find DG FastChannel presets built right in to Adobe Media Encoder CS5. Let’s now turn to John Dickinson‘s excellent overview on the new version over at Adobe TV. John shows you how to “add files to the encoding queue, customize settings, and thin and edit XMP metadata.” You’ll also see how to use Adobe Media Encoder with After Effects and Premiere Pro. Watch it here.

John Stanowski

After Effects

A free Adobe eSeminar presented by Toolfarm!

Toolfarm is proud to sponsor a free online seminar featuring Adobe After Effects CS4 and its powerful integration with Adobe CS4 Production Premium. Harry Frank will be presenting a project using Trapcode Particular and Michele Yamazaki of Toolfarm will be showing the newest plug-in from Red Giant, Magic Bullet Mojo.

In this eSeminar you’ll learn how:

  • The deep integration between After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro delivers time-savings and a smoother workflow on every project, so you can stay focused on doing your creative work.

  • Particular 2 expands your creative options by offering realistic natural effects, lighting control for shaded particles, 3D camera integration, custom shapes, depth of field, and physics controls

  • Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Mojo helps you achieve a subtle coloring effect to warm up actors’ skin tones while backgrounds and shadows get a cool blue treatment –– all while keeping your talent in focus.

Register here

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Major Updates for Adobe CS4: After Effects, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder

Dave Helmly, North American DMO Technical Sales Manager at Adobe, emailed us about the new Adobe CS4 video updates: After Effects 9.02, Premiere Pro 4.1, Media Encoder 4.1

The new CS4 video updates will be available late tonight/Friday morning and contain several new updates and several critical fixes for After Effects.

Some of the new features are:

  • Major Speed improvements for Media Encoder (new support for RED)
  • New RED R3D workflow & Raw setting panel
  • Avid Import & Export (We are currently testing FCP Export)
  • DVD/VOB support (edit directly off the DVD !)
  • Faster/smooth AVCHD playback
  • Faster project loading
  • New Frame Export
  • And more……

Adobe also showed several things at NAB 2009 that they have cooking in the Adobe Labs and are planning to beta test a few of these new features this summer. The plan is to make these available on the Adobe Labs site.

  • AVCIntra
  • XDCAM Export
  • Finalcut Pro Export