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Adobe CC: Keyboard shortcuts to troubleshoot sync issues on creative cloud

Have sync issues with Adobe Creative Cloud?  When used in combination with specific keystrokes, the View On Website context menu option for Creative Cloud Files provides special functionality that helps you resolve sync issues.  Adobe has created an infographic that explains which keys to press to get Adobe CC back in sync.

View the infographic here

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News: Adobe Updates Creative Cloud 2015.3 including After Effects and Premiere Pro

There were Adobe Creative Cloud updates yesterday, including  Premiere Pro 2015.3 and After Effects 2015 (13.8), which we posted on Toolfarm yesterday.

adobe creative cloudYou can read the post at Toolfarm and watch the videos. Instead, we’re going to talk about updates and some of the issues that can pop up. Here are a few guidelines for updating.

  1. Don’t update during a project. Stuff might break and some plug-ins that you depend on may not work. Like what, you ask? Red Giant has said that Universe won’t work yet with the update, nor will Automatic Duck Ximport AE. I’m sure updates will be coming very soon.
  2. Update all of your plug-ins. Many will have updates for CC 2015.3 compatibility. Keep your stuff up to date for fewer problems.

If you learn of any other plug-in incompatibilities, please let me know.

So, what is in the Adobe updates?

Here’s the barebones list, but there are TONS of videos on the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Channel.

After Effects CC 2015.3 (13.8)

  • After Effect has a Live 3D pipeline with the Cinema 4D Exporter for text and shapes, which looks super useful. To me, this seems like the coolest new feature. I saw this demoed at NAB and I can’t wait to use it.
  • There are performance and stability improvements in After Effects. I hope this helps my issues with memory leaks with plug-ins! Maybe I should go ahead and update and find out. They’ve enhanced playback of audio and video with cached frames and synced audio too.  There’s more to this so check out release notes.
  • Support for formats like Apple ProRes on Windows has been added.
  • Lumetri Color enhancements.

Learn more about After Effects CC

Premiere Pro CC 2015.3

Premiere Pro has new VR editing features, including a “field of view” mode so editors can see what viewers see. There are also new Lumetri Color Features.

Learn more about Premiere Pro

Media Encoder 2015.3

Media Encoder has a media preview and new media management presets.

Character Animator (Preview 4)

Adobe has added lip-sync improvements and Auto-Blink and Motion Trigger features to make your characters look more natural and interesting.

They’ve added easier puppet tagging too. I just need to jump into Character Animator and play with it because it looks like so much fun.

Read more about the Character Animator Preview

Photoshop CC 2015.3

Photoshop is all about the fonts. It has a new font preview that lets you preview before you select a font. Now you can search for font names, as well. TypeKit has been better integrated into Photoshop a 2014 previous release.

Other new features are Content-Aware Crop and Face-Aware Liquify both sound very intriguing. They’ve also added performance enhancements to help Photoshop CC run more smoothly.

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Adobe Feature Request & Bug Form


Check out the Adobe Feature Request & Bug Form, AKA the Wishform for Adobe products. The form includes all Adobe software such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, SpeedGrade, and Illustrator.

Submit your Feature Request and Bugs here

Best Practices on Submitting a Feature Request or Bug Fix

Adobe is a company that has a reputation for really listening to its customers. It’s highly likely that every submission will be read by Adobe, but here are a few tips, or best practices, to make your request rise above the rest.Adobe Logo

  1. Have more than one Feature Request? Break up your feature requests into multiple. Don’t put them in one submission so each one can be addressed separately.
  2. Write clearly and succinctly by getting to the point and not rambling.
  3. Does the feature doesn’t already exist? Check the latest release before submitting a request if you use an older version. It’s common sense, I know! Download the current version of Adobe Creative Cloud and take it for a spin.
  4. Check out online forums with feature requests, which may be very helpful in finding out if it is a common request.
  5. For bug reports, include all pertinent information. This includes the make/model of your computer, software version, graphics card information, etc.
  6. Check the Adobe Support Home page for info on your product. Ask Customer Service if the problem is related to activation. Also, check online forums first because there a bug fix available already.


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All New Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Announced!

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014Read the Press Release at Toolfarm’s blog. It’s a huge update and there’s no sense in posting twice.

However, if you don’t want to read the whole thing, here’s an excerpt from the Press Release about the video apps:

New features in the video apps include: Live Text Templates and Masking and Tracking – new integrations that leverage the power of Adobe After Effects CC inside Adobe Premiere Pro CCRace through projects thanks to enhanced graphics performance in Premiere Pro; precise new keying effects in After Effects; a more flexible Direct Link color pipeline in Adobe SpeedGrade CC; and enhanced multi-track tools for audio work in Adobe Audition CC. Integration between apps has also been further improved to save time when working between Premiere Pro and After Effects or SpeedGrade.

Buy Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams here