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3D and After Effects Interoperability

Nexus Voltron aims to maximize the best of 3ds Max and After Effects, linking the two together.

“Integrating 3D into After Effects is something that we all have been accustom to, since it has been a long and winding road. From the now defunct 3D RayTrace in Ae, to much more powerful and effective third party plugins for After Effects, down to the new CineWare link between C4D lite and Ae… there have been a lot of solutions and fosse-starts.” – Lester Banks

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Mirror Shattering using MassFX tools in 3ds Max 2012

Mirror Shattering using MassFX tools in 3ds Max 2012 | CG MOTIONBOXshar.esIn this tutorial “Ahren Koch” will going to show you How to shatter a mirror using MassFX tools in 3ds Max 2012.

After Effects

Helpful for lighting and shadow

A Beautifully Choreographed Stop-Motion Film About Light and Shadow


The Digimation Suite. Free power tools for 3ds Max.


Digimation pioneered the plug-in business for 3ds Max. To date, we’ve released over 50 products and now we’re offering a collection of twelve tried and true favorites to the 3D community for free! The suite comes with all of these products;


Allows any 3ds Max particle system to use any object as a particle object.

Bones Pro

A powerful, easy to use skeletal deformation system. With it you can quickly rig and animate detailed characters.


Texture placement based on the location of a gizmo, instead of an objects sub-material ID. This allows the user to place materials at very specific locations in the scene, and to animate certain effects without having to paint complex animated maps.

Clay Studio

Advanced metaball modeling for 3ds Max.


A collection of procedural, low-resolution mannequins that can be quickly inserted into your 3D scenes to help create crowds. DigiPeople will give your architectural models an understandable visual scale and otherwise populate your scenes.

Fractal Flow

Allows you to warp any image, video, or 3d scene to create water ripple effects, heat distortions, and much more.


Allows you to animate any object or particle system along the surface of another object.


A procedural electric arc generator. Lightning creates true 3D geometry right in your viewports.


Advanced mesh sculpting with full support for pressure sensitive tablets, tessellation and optimization as you sculpt.


Combines flexible particles with a powerful and unique emitter and target system. Build or tear down objects in particles.

Spray Master

Allows users to spray geometry, both 2D and 3D, as particles on or around other objects with an easy-to-use freehand brush or spline-based control.

Tree Factory

Generate a wide variety of trees and ground foliage to add that extra touch of realism to your 3D scenes.

The Digimation Suite FREE

Single license of The Essential Textures. Electronic delivery only. Download here.

System Requirements

3ds Max version 4 or higher

32-bit only