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Introducing KingLuma CamCutter for Adobe After Effects

Kingluma CamCutter for Adobe After Effects

Kingluma CamCutter offers a simple, direct, and flexible way to cut between 3D cameras in your 3D After Effects composition.

KingLuma’s new CamCutter is much more efficient and flexible to work with than splitting (duplicating) and trimming multiple After Effects camera layers in order to edit between 3D perspectives. It can be used in any situation where After Effects 3D cameras are used; this includes other 3rd party 3D products for After Effects, like Video Copilot Element 3D, Trapcode Particular, and Trapcode Form.

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CamCutter Tutorial

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MonkeyCam Pro for After Effects

MonkeyCam Pro is a procedural camera animator for After Effects that makes complex camera moves in 3D space a breeze.

Featuring instant set up and a breakthrough motion algorithm that eliminates Gimbal Lock, MonkeyCam Pro is the latest in a line of Monkey Tools designed to be a perfect blend of power and simplicity. Includes multiple interpolation options, motion effects and marker-based timing controls for easy adjustments and audio syncing.

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After Effects Tutorial

Tutorial: How To Fold Texts Within After Effects

In this tutorial, Ridvan Maloku explains a technique he developed to fold text, or any layer, on any angle that you want, right in After Effects. He explains some organizational strategies for Expression Controls and how you can have better control on your camera.

The Final Result

The Tutorial


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After Effects Tutorial

Connect Your Scale Relative To The Camera’s Position

What do you think If I say that when you move your After Effects camera closer to your solid or move the camera away of it, the solid change the scale relatively? Well, let’s cut the suspense, Ran Ben explains in AEtuts+ how to do that. So If you are interested, you can check it out here.

The preview of the tutorial

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