Recharge Dried Out Markers

Okay, not a tip for After Effects, but this one is really good! You all use markers in your office or school to make lists, diagrams or storyboards and I’m sure for multiple other purposes.

How many times have you thought you’ve capped your dry erase or felt tip markers? How many markers have your kids left the caps off and ruined? My daughter got some dry erase markers and an easel for Christmas and left the caps off last night. I Googled “Rejuvenate Dried Markers” and found a great tip. I always tried dipping in water and that has never worked too well.

This actually works. I’m sure that Mr. Wizard probably had this on his show… or in a Heloise column somewhere. Use a 2 foot length of string and some tape. Double up the string and tape the end of the string to the marker. Tape the top end of the marker, not the writing tip. You’ll have a loop. Put your finger in the loop and swing the marker over your head for 20 seconds or so, like a helicopter propellar. The centrifugal force will draw the moisture to the tip of the marker. The markers were so moist, they were drippy!