Particular Tunnel by Harry Frank

Particular TunnelAnother from Toolfarm’s old Freebie of the Week…

This is a mesmerizing and trippy project by Harry Frank, Toolfarm Expert Forums Expert and all-around creative guy. Okay, so it isn’t technically a preset, but who cares. It’s free and it’s cool and it uses one of our favorite plug-ins, Trapcode Particular.

Harry says, Trapcode’s Particular is a particle generator, but describing it that way does it little justice. It has been used to generate fire, explosions, crowd shots, clouds, LED effects and much more. It’s also a great way to generate design elements, as seen in some other Trapcode Presets.

In this freebie, we are using Particular to generate a custom particle layer, in this case an AE ellipse. The emitter point of the particle generator is directly following a Null object via an expression. The camera is also following the Null via an expression, but on a 2 second delay. The camera is also set to auto-orient on the motion path, which smooths out its spatial motion path. So, the result is the camera flying through the path of a stream of particles. Click to view sample movie (pops).

Feel free to change the custom particle layer as you wish. Play with the Null position keyframes to change the shape and motion of the tunnel.

Download the project file (AE 6.5)

Don’t have Trapcode Particular? Download a FREE Tryout version!