After Effects CINEMA 4D Featured

New Cineversity Tutorial Series for After Effects Users to 3D

“This new, free Cineverstiy tutorial teaches After Effects artists the basics of Cinema 4D Lite so they too can add 3D elements to their compositions.

This tutorial covers all topics needed to get started with Cinema 4D: In 31 easy to understand videos, trainer Athanasios Pozantzis demonstrates how you can create a new Cinema 4D scene in After Effects CC and add 3D assets to your composition. You will also learn how to create your own materials and animate 3D objects.

Professional scenes require professional 3D models, which is why you will also be shown how to integrate ready-to-use 3D assets from such platforms asĀ TurboSquid, for example.

Are you particularly interested in exploring the possibilities of using Cinema 4D for motion design? Then you need to have a look at the pre-defined workflow in this tutorial: Motion graphics can be easily created in just a few steps in Cinema 4D using text splines.

This tutorial is ideal for After Effects users who are new to 3D and no prior 3D experience is required! All After Effects users already have all the tools they need: Cinema 4D Lite is automatically installed with each version of After Effects CC.” – Maxon | Learn More