After Effects Tutorial

New 3D Features in After Effects CS6!

Here’s two new tutorials from Jon Dickinson of Motionworks revealing the new 3D capabilities found in the upcoming After Effects CS6. Woohoo!

I also asked John for some random clarifications. Apparently the new 3D layers will cast proper shadows on regular 3D layers and regular 3D layers will reflect onto the new 3D layers. In case you haven’t realized this yet, this means AE CS6 now more or less has built-in shiny, reflective floors like Motion does. Also, if you collapse a precomp with the new 3D layers contained in it, it will “unfold” and behave the same way the regular 3D layers would. And perhaps most exciting of all is that you can mix the new 3D layers with regular 3D layers. For example, you have a 2.5D “postcard” animate in front of and behind one of the new 3D layers, something that’s not possible with the 3D plugin alternatives.