MotionGrabber Preview

Enjoy this exclusive sneak-peak at a cool plug-in that is coming out in the next few weeks. Grab this tasty tool while it’s still free to download.

MotionGrabber is a plug-in developed by Avidion Media in cooperation with Maltaannon’s company – Polygon Studio. It is meant to help you with uncommon motion tracking tasks that are hard or even impossible to handle with After Effects build in pixel tracker. They welcome you to download this plugin and give it a try.

MotionGrabber 0.0.1 is a early prerelease that was tested only with After Effects CS3 and for the time being works only on Windows. They decided to share this little piece of software with you because they already find it very useful. Please remember that the official release will work on Macs as well and be loaded with extra features, therefore it will probably no longer be free.

Generally speaking, MotionGrabber expands the spectrum of trackable data. This prerelease is only able to track the alpha channel of a given layer, but the final release is going to have a lot of extra features and hopefully it will be your second most commonly used tracking tool. A tutorial on how to use MotionGrabber.

Please note!

This prerelease is provided as-is with no official support. You may download and use it for free at your own risk. Polygon Studio, Avidion Media, nor anyone else but you alone can be held responsible for any damage that might caused by this software.

To install the plugin simply copy it into your After Effects Plug-ins directory. Please let them know what you think and let Maltaannon know of any bugs you might find. Thanks in advance. Enjoy!

Download: (Windows)

The footage used in this tutorial is a property of Check out the site for some amazing stock footage. Make sure to check out Uberstock’s iStockPhoto profile as well.

Submit any bugs to Maltaannon.