More Freebies from Dean Velez

Dean has just posted 10 free 7.0 Pro AEPS on The Anvel

You’ll need Flash Player to see the previews on the website.

Dean sez, “I was playing around this weekend with some ideas dealing with Space and came up with a few interesting experiments. Please feel free to download them and give them a spin. (That’s globe humor )

“There is also a scene using the 3D Camera that plays around with the Depth of Field on the moon. If you want to see the camera setup just type “uu” with the camera layer selected.

“Some of them are render intensive so I recommend pre rendering whenever it is possible. As usual the files are cutomizable and royalty free.

You’ll need AE 7.0 Pro to open the projects. His projects include: an Asteroid Belt, Alien Invasions, Space Background, The Sun, Earth, Moon, Super Nova, Warp Speed and a Comet.

The effects that were used are:
3D Cameras, Brightness & Contrast, CC Glass, CC Particle World, CC Radial Fast Blur, CC Sphere, CC Star Burst, CC Toner, CC Vector Blur, Channel Combiner, Circle, Fast Blur, Fill, Fractal Noise, Glow, Lens Flare, Levels, Linear Wipe, Median, Mirror, Noise, Ramp, Remove Color Matting, Roughen Edges, Sharpen, and Stroke.

You can get a free demo of the Cycore FX (all those CC plug-ins) at

Dean, you’re the man. Gee, how do you do it!