After Effects

Lava Lamp Project

lSomeone on the Toolfarm After Effects forum asked for some tips on making a lava lamp. I made a lava lamp preset a while back and for the life of me, I just can’t seem to find it. I decided to redo it and came up with much more realistic results.

This is not a preset but a solid layer which uses Cell Pattern, Colorama and Turbulent Displace. I duplicated the layer, changed the settings a bit and used the Lighten Mode to give it some depth. I then used an adjustment layer with a lighting effect. The color and speed can easily be manipulated. This project gives out a big render hit, please note.

You will need After Effects 7 Professional because of the use of the Cycore FX effect.

Download Project File (link fixed)

View movie sample – The movie does seem a bit jittery, but it’s the compression and frame rate that I used for the web. The project files are smooth and beautiful.