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Imagineer mocha Pro 5 Tutorial and Review

Michele from Toolfarm uses mocha Pro to remove people and a sign from handheld video, then creates a mood with Boris Continuum Complete plug-ins, as well as adds a ghost! She talks about her experience using the plug-ins as well.

Michele says, “Imagineer mocha Pro 5 is a tool that every visual effects person must have! In this video above, I walk users through how to remove an object (actually 2 – one moving and one not moving on a handheld shot). The areas that were removed were replaced with a cleanplate generated with mocha Pro and edited in Photoshop. Notice how well the perspective is kept and how perfectly the edges blend. Doing this by hand would have taken days. mocha Pro is fast and efficient. I should note here that I used the mocha Pro plug-in which works in After Effects and I show how easy it is to incorporate that into your workflow. I use the tracking data that I generated removing the sign to place a giant ghost in the shot. Sure, it’s goofy, but it shows how powerful and fast mocha Pro is! I finish the shot with some color grading and effects created with Boris Continuum Complete.

mocha Pro is a lot of fun to use because it opens up opportunities that would either take an enormous¬†amount of time and patience¬†or couldn’t even be done without the software.”