Happy Birthday, Harry!

Harry BalloonsI know I’m a bit late. It’s the 15th of September according to Harry’s MySpace, so Harry, here’s your present. I can tell you’re really excited. Sorry, no, I don’t have the receipt. Haha.

This project uses Boris Continuum Complete extensively. I lurve BCC. The plug-ins are such high quality. It’s such a solid package. The balloons, the clouds and everything else was generated using BCC. Nothing was imported… just BCC and my surge of birthday cheer. Yeah, the balloons have some jerky movement, but I didn’t have time to perfect this. It’s just a quick shout out to Harry on his b-day and hopefully useful to someone out there.

This type of effect could be reused for a baby shower video, anniversary video or a big President’s Day Sale commercial.

If you don’t have Continuum Complete, you can get a free 14 day demo.

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