GridIron Looking for Beta Testers for Nucleo Pro

Nucleo ProI’m really looking forward to GridIron Nucleo Pro! I saw it at NAB and was so impressed. This is a product that the AE community really needs.

Posted to the AE List by Steve Forde:

Wanted to a put a quick post to recruit more beta testers for Nucleo Pro. We are getting into the home stretch for releasing Nucleo Pro, and need to make sure the product is top-notch in terms of performance and stability before it gets out to the general public.

We have a great group of beta testers so far, but AE is a pretty deep application (meaning everyone uses it differently), and Nucleo Pro is a pretty dramatic enhancement to AE workflow. Therefore – we need you!

More info on Nucleo Pro and register for the beta.

Please enter in your full information, and you will be notified if you are accepted. We are limiting the number of testers, and we will only be accepting registrations until those slots are full. So if you are interested, register as soon as possible.

Those who are accepted are eligible for discounts, prizes etc. We are getting very close to shipping, and want to make this the best product it can be.

Thanks in advance…

Steve, GridIron Software Inc.