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Got Character? Part 2: Animating Characters in Adobe Character Animator and After Effects

We’ve covered animating characters recently, generally speaking, but there’s always more to talk about! The first part of our series, Got Character? Animating Characters Character Animator/After Effects has a lot of great content. Definitely, check it out.

Featured Image credit: Glen Carrie @glencarrie

Funny Characters Animation After Effects Tutorial

Motion Design School shows you how to animate characters on a roller coaster. There’s not a lot of “character animation” going on here, per se. There’s no rigging, no walk cycles, etc. This animates the whole scene. It reminds me a bit of Sponge Bob Square Pants for some reason. Fun stuff.

Okay Samurai Tutorials

Okay Samurai has super fun and useful tutorials for Adobe Character Animator. Here are a few recent ones. Be sure to check out the Okay Samurai YouTube Channel.

Advanced Rigging: Monster Camp (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

Download the free puppet “Sirr” and play along. In this tutorial, he animates a different arm structure than usual. Also, he applies paper texturing, uses a deep trigger system with marshmallows that catch on fire and burn and adds glowing highlights and shadows. Finally, he replays the pose system and creates a customized controls panel. There’s a lot here, indeed!

Basic Eye Rigging (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

Give personality to your characters by animating the eyes! Okay Samurai shows you some great tricks. Similarly, Download the assets here.

More about Character Animator

Adobe Character Style Transfer: FXGuide Deep Dive – Mike Seymour walks you through features in the 2019 release.

Animate Shape Layer Arms and Legs [EASY] – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Evan Abrahms shows you how to simply animate arms and legs that are, of course, made from shape layers.

Cat Washer After Effects Tutorial

Learn to animate a cat in a washing machine. Animate the tail, the washing machine, and the spinning effect in After Effects. Equally important, no animals were hurt in this tutorial.

Want more?

Check out the previous posts on topics such as character animation and rigging. Not to mention, walk cycles.